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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Caution -- Likely to be censored at FB. Redux #2

Only conservatives have "Offensive" opinions, at least according to the Demonrats. (Yes, I said DEMON-RATS)
And yet, they ignore the fact that the KKK was founded by a Democrat. The ignore the fact that Stalin, Castro, Mao, and Hitler killed MILLIONS...
They ignore that fact that Nazis are SOCIALISTS (It's in the name -- And look for the "We are Socialists" memes... it's misattributed to Hitler)
They ignore the fact that appeasement doesn't work. They ignore the fact that people are crossing the country's borders illegally. They ignore the fact that the "Religion of Peace" is running around beheading people. They ignore the lesson of Sodom. They support Genocide in the murder of babies...

How long before this post is removed by a Facebook censor? How long before one of the "Tolerant Generation" is offended?

Honestly, how long before the asses at FB decide to censor me?  I don't know.  But I know that the Libtards are there...and they, like big brother, watch...

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