It's all about TRUTH.

Location is determined by position
Evidence will vary by location.
Facts will change according to evidence.
But TRUTH is unchanging.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The oh-so-tolerant left strikes again

Well, I have to admit this doesn't apply to everyone on the left... But one, anyway.  Let's call her Jeanne... Just for the hell of it.

ON FB, I often have political discussions.  And they almost always result in the other side name-calling, threatening, or just saying "I'm done with you; you're a bigot."

Such idiocy needs to be called out.

She claims she's going to vote for Clinton.  I have no control over what she believes.  I don't control her vote.  I think she knows that.  But she thinks that I'm "Anti-woman" because I don't support Clinton.  I gave her my reasons.  She counter with a couple of articles which I read.  Then I went on to contradict a half-dozen points, with info of my own..  I don't have a lot of time to go back to find all the sources.  But it's somewhat apparent that she would even look at them.

She ended it, claiming "You're not on my friends list; I removed you a long time ago."
Actually, I don't recall her ever being on my friend list.

She refused to acknowledge the fact that I was molested as a child.  Expected.  She refused to acknowledge that a niece was raped (Expected)

Honestly, Jeanne... I hope you get what you want.  But name-calling is very unbecoming a lady, and it bothers me that you'd stoop to Alinsky tactics.

I pointed out that Clinton's Travel as SOS means nothing.  That's not an accomplishment, it's incidental to the job.  You refused to acknowledge Benghazi.  You don't accept the fact that Clinton's husband has a list of accusers a mile long, and possibly an illegitimate son (This one is merely rumored, so I didn't even mention it on FB)

I pointed out the fact that she accused a child of being the aggressor at a rape trial and that she lost her law license.  Of course, that is "Irrelevant."

Despite your attitude and inability to debate without name-calling, I harbor no ill will against you.
Politics is a dirty business and it ALWAYS brings out the worst in everyone.  It's hard to stay civil when people lie about everything.

I fear for our nation if Clinton is elected.  I'm not much more confident if Trump is.  Either way, we will endure 4 more years of hell.

I hope that you are correct in your belief.  But I wasn't wrong in the last 8 years under Obama.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Think your Vote doesn't matter?

     ABC/ Washington Post poll -- I don't trust these groups -- shows Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in a virtual dead-heat. 2%. Margin of error is generally considered 3.5-4%.
     Johnson is really out there, nothing, and his "minor party" candidate opponents have even less.
     We can expect ABOUT 120 Million to vote out of probably 260-300 Million eligible, and probably 240 Million Reg'd.
     This, of course, is still LESS THAN 1/3 of the Citizenry population.     Should we have a law that REQUIRES people to vote? Say, anyone 18 or Older, criminals (Felons) barred? No Non-citizens allow within 100 feet of the voting booths? Other than that, no exceptions?     People complain about "ID Cards." And yet, most people have one. How about a Biometrics card? Government supplied. You can't fake fingerprints. Of course, not everyone has fingers or toes. Or eyes. But you're likely to have one of the three. Brainwave scan?     Iran requires a finger print. Australia has a law that EVERYONE of ages votes. IDs are required in many countries. How can we do less?      Look at that 2% again. Then look at the 2000 election. THIS shows you how important your vote is.     If you go for Jury Duty, you are required to show an ID. Isn't that interesting? If you don't have an ID, you're barred entry and then can be held in contempt for no-show.     ONE ID, max of about 60, good for up to 8 years. Some will say it's a tax. Maybe so. But you ARE being represented.   2%. In Alaska, that's about 6000. In a city of 50000, it is 1000.  In a city the size of Ft. McCoy, Fl, it's 200.  Bring it to Milaca, MN: 60. Put it in Pease, MN, and it is 2.      A city of 100 -- 2 votes. An Election decided by 146 votes... in a state of 28 Million. Still, 30% didn't vote.
     Can you still say "My vote doesn't matter"?

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Some people (including the idiots at facebook) are likely to find this "Offensive."  But they're idiots.

But with 3 attacks (2 bombs, a third that was found beforehand!) and stabbings, I have to wonder if they still believe this to be "Islamophobia."

The Obama QUOTE is REAL, and the attacks (including not far from where I lived in MN) are frightening.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Where is compassion?

Politics is dirty business.  You know it.  I know it.  Anyone who is involved in it knows it.

Today, Hillary started feeling overheated at the 9/11 memorial.  Despite my total disagreement with her on the issues, especially immigration and health care, I wish her a quick recovery.

But one of my old friends... I don't know what's happened to him.  I mean, I find this political rants amusing at times, and powerful at times.  But today... He went off so "half-cocked" including what could have been classified a threat.  Seriously, what he was suggesting was NOT a laughing matter, and certainly couldn't have been construed as satire.

I put a note up on FACEBOOK, regarding the situation.  I only hope he takes it the way it is meant.  If not, there isn't much I can do.

My Reply read as follows.


L-----, despite our dislike of Hillary, she, as a human, deserves some compassion.
If she is sick, she deserves prayers NOT ridicule. And your statement about a "Double dose" is cause for major concern! This is NOT Christian behavior!
And that comment COULD lead to the Secret Service showing up at your door.

I disagree with her on practically everything. Where in the New Testament does it say "Badmouth your enemies"? Politics STILL needs to be tinged with compassion. It is getting dirty and I, for one, am disgusted with it.

My wife has been in the hospital. I call for prayers not vituperation! Let's see a little compassion. You don't have to agree with Hillary, but you can at least tone down the rhetoric. I don't like seeing anyone sick... regardless of friction or disagreements that are a part of politics, compassion is what makes us Spiritual beings.

When we stoke the furnace, we get the heat! READ THAT LAST LINE AGAIN: WHEN WE STOKE THE FURNACE,
WE GET THE HEAT. ::sigh:: I worry about the people of this world. There's too much hatred. We Need COMPASSION... not more hatred! I WISH YOU A SPEEDY RECOVERY, Ms. Clinton. If you're not healthy, you do yourself, your party, and your county a disservice.