It's all about TRUTH.

Location is determined by position
Evidence will vary by location.
Facts will change according to evidence.
But TRUTH is unchanging.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Poem of the day...

Parody time.

You know the tune for "Eensy-Weensy Spider, I would guess.

This is done to that tune.

The Stupid, stupid liberal stuck his head
up his poop spout.
When he started gasping,
They begged him to take it out.
"But it's nice in here!  Just pollution," he explained,
And he ne'er pulled his head
 out of his arse again...

Sunday, June 11, 2017


Bear with me here while I gripe a little.

I have someone GRIPING at me because of a minor thing on a post.
I could give the whole story here, names and all, but it's not worth it.

Last July started a landslide.  In August, I was told that my wife would need cardiac surgery.  She was in the hospital for over a week.  But there was no cardiac surgery, just a stent.  We said THE HECK WITH IT. (That was early September).  We're constantly called, harassed, to get the surgery done.  In order to do so, we had to get another appointment.  They set up a date, then tried to cancel it.  We told them stay with what you have given us, or we go elsewhere.  Finally, end of November, surgery.  My wife is in the hospital for about 2 weeks.  Over the next couple of months, I'm nursemaid, as well as my usual tasks (Which includes cooking, cleaning, washing, etc).
There are doc appointments over the next months.  We have taxes done (OUCH) and find we owe (Of course).  In April, there's a change in insurance policy, so that changes some stuff.  Then, on the 3rd, our vehicle is totaled.  We're without anything for 2 weeks!  Docs want appointments, but we have no way to get there.  2 weeks to settle a claim, THEN our insurance increases by about 50% (Even though we were NOT at fault!)

May comes.  Another policy change, medicare.  Insurance problems, high deductibles and co-pays with some of the "Covered" meds not covered at all!

Some other items are sent to the wrong policy, so they're declined.  We had to discuss THAT with the company involved (Which did not return our call -- I had to call THEM in JUNE!)  I may get stuck owing 147!

DTV tries to charge us 20/month on something we didn't order.  And the pharmacy tries to charge DOUBLE the co-pay on a med.  Turns out, they're trying to give 2 months worth without our permission.

In June, my wife developed an apparent ulcer.  Once again, a "Covered med" isn't covered.  We need tips (Syringe needles)  for one of her meds.  I'm told They have a big deductible.  So, more troubles.

For the last month or so, we've had nothing but doc appointments.  2 x a week!  50 miles round trip.  Plus an hour to 2 at the doc.  Seriously.
We're not even to the middle of the month.

My wife is not eating well and her blood sugar is far too high.  I'm doing it all.

And the person of whom I spoke in the second line has the nerve to tell me that a simple statement that the website which was posted wasn't working was a negative comment!  That I'm "Seen through" and must "Always get my way."

I tend to think you haven't gone through 1/5 of what we have in the last year...even if you are not fully employed.


I really hope you're not typical of your home state.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Some thoughts on the end of the world

As many know, there have been many, many crackpot theories about when the world will end, and how.

They've associated with comets, A-bombs, WWII, WWI, the creation of the state of Israel, and some have predicted 1967.  Of course, we all know that these are just garbage theories, since, according to Yeshua (Jesus for the others of you) said, "Of that hour, nobody knows.  Not the angels, nor the Son, but only the Father."

I was recently re-examining the Book of Daniel, which mentions 1260, 1290, and 1335 days.
It is commonly known as cryptic, since, "A thousand years is as a day in thy sight when it is past, or a watch in the night."

In light of the recent terror happenings, I went over this again and again.  Of course, my hypothesis is just that.  I do not claim to have a direct line to the Almighty.  If I claimed that I knew, I would be contradicting Yeshua, which would make me a liar.

But speculation... well, we're human, we do that.

I asked myself:  "What is the Abomination that makes desolate?"  Well, I don't know.
The statement was "When you see the abomination that makes desolate standing in the Holy Place, then let those who are in Judea flee for the mountains."

So, what's the Holy Place?  In Herod's time and in the time of Yeshua, it would have been Herod's temple, on Temple mount.  But what is there now?  The Dome of the Rock Mosque.  Could this be the reference as to the Abomination?  If you consider what Islam is doing now, laying cities in ruin, Killing indiscriminately, destroying monuments of history... maybe.

I decided to check:  When was the Mosque built?  The answer is given as "7th Century."  So, the year 601-700.  Too broad. When was it finished?  Google gave an answer of 691.  Of course, the calendars were different.  What if it was, say, 3 years earlier?

I did the math:  688 as finishing date.  The cryptic 1260 days (In this case, a day is a year)
1948,  Hmmm.  This is when Israel achieved statehood.  Odd.  Coincidence?

Next date: 1290 days.  Same idea.  1978.  This was the year that Islam began a march on Iran... Khomeni in charge.  In 1979, November, the "Iranian Islamic Revolution" was in full swing, and students took 52 (Some sources say 60) Americans hostage.  Coincidence?  Again?  Something is odd, here.

So, we have that last number.  1335,  This brings us to the year 2023.  Not yet arrived.  The Great Tribulation is believed to be lasting 7 years.  2016.  Trump elected.  A sharp upturn in violence.

Are we in the last days?  There have been many instances of "RED TIDE."  Water turns to blood.  Is this our reference?  Plagues.  Ebola.  AIDS.

The "pouring of the Vial's contents upon the sun."  1/3 of the grass, a 1/3 of the trees...  burnt up.
Could this be a veiled reference to what our "Alarmists" call Global Warming?
Could this actually be correct?  But the Bible says we have cursing at the Creator rather than repenting their misdeeds.  Well, they are cursing humanity.  And yet they are engaging in the exact evils that are predicted.  They aren't repenting.

There is not, yet, a gathering near Megiddo.  But the nations gather against Israel:  Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Egypt is a question mark.  Russia is on the fence, China and North Korea hate Israel.
"RECOGNIZING" is one thing, but you can recognize something and still hate.
ISIS is strong, and many terrorist organizations are uniting under the banner of Islam.  We are in trouble.

This is NOT to be construed as a prophecy of any sort.  But it seems to fit the current situation.
But then, even Nostradamus can be stretched and interpreted in many ways.

Not "AS I SEE IT"....just food for thought.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

BULLYING ... My former classmates, BULLYING HURTS...AND CAN KILL!

So, apparently, some of my old classmates from St. Louis Park have gone BULLY. They are spreading lies, BS, gossiping, in general being exactly what I detest the most!

If you're Christian, or claim to be, fellow classmates, and you're behaving like lying Bas:**rds., you're NOT CHRISTIAN AT ALL!

You're behaving like the scribes and the priests in the story of the Good Samaritan. Walk by on the other side. Continue to spread the lies, folks, it'll all come back to you. Believe me, it will. When somebody has had such a hard time, has been beaten, broken, stuck in a wheelchair, robbed... and you blame the victim? Seriously?

Started with one gal, I gather, who listened to the lies of the devil. Maybe, just maybe, she's schizoid? GET HELP!

Spread the lies, deary. You are bullying. And you are quite possibly going to be the one responsible if worst does happen. Keep it up; you'll end up in prison, believe me!

Take a good, close look at yourself. Imagine yourself in the same situation.
Now, Imagine that I start spreading lies about YOU!

Think about it, those of you who have been bad-mouthing. I suggest you learn COMPASSION.

BETH, BARB, BRUCE, KELLY... ANY of you who believe the lies and gossip.. I'm watching you! Anything I learn will be used against ANYONE in court... Remember, "Who is my neighbor?" which the man asked Yeshua. Yeshua indicated that MERCY and COMPASSION were signs of being a good neighbor. You're falling short. WAY SHORT. Mene, Mene, Tekel, Parsin... Look at that 3rd word, TEKEL... YOU HAVE BEEN WEIGHED IN THE BALANCE AND FOUND WANTING. You better get your lives together, folks. You ain't got much time... "MENE, MENE" Your days are numbered and are being brought to an end. Do you go out wanting?