It's all about TRUTH.

Location is determined by position
Evidence will vary by location.
Facts will change according to evidence.
But TRUTH is unchanging.

Monday, July 22, 2019

Reality? Or LA-La land? That's the question!

Now, this question may sound facetious, it may sound like Satire, Parody, or it may sound rhetorical. I assure you, it is a SERIOUS QUESTION. And there is a follow-up question.

Some states are allowing people to "Choose their gender." And some people take it so far as to change their sex... at least superficially.

If we allow this, are we going to permit "Trans-birthdays"? If you were born in July, but hate the month and want to change your birthday to December - Do we allow that? If you were born on the first day of summer, but identify with March, do we allow the change? What if I want to say I was born on the 45th day of Nestor, in the Nestorian calendar year of 18992?
Can we change it daily, to anything we want?

This brings up the question of "Tran-species." Will you allow me to identify as a Unicorn? How about a Hippo? Will you permit me to Identify as a cat one day, a horse the next, and a parrot on any given Wednesday?
Will you allow me to identify as a Gorilla? Can I make myself into an Andorian, or a Vulcan?

WELCOME TO "LA-LA LAND, where nobody has to accept reality!"
But once you check in, you stay. Permanently. You have to wonder if it's worth it. BTW: I fully expect someone on Facebook to be offended and try to get this post removed from there. YOU KNOW THE REALITY. AND I KNOW THE TRUTH. Fantasy, or reality? That's the big question... AS I SEE IT!

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Slippery slopes abound.

On FB, I am involved in several DNA related groups.

They have been a big help.  And yet, some of their opinions go against my grain, even though I can see what they're saying.

Case in point:  Child molesters.  Scarring them for life.  It's a tough question:  How do we deal with the perps? 

Alabama is taking a frightening lead:  Chemical Castration.  But it appears to apply only to men.
How does one deal with the female?  FGM?  Sew her up?  Rip out her womb and ovaries?  Very dangerous thoughts.

My argument was as follows.

Now, let me inject a comment, here...
I was molested as a child... So I understand the furor.
But unless there is actually physical evidence, going such a route is dangerous. When and where does it end? What about those who have been wrongly convicted? Or those where the only evidence is one word against another? And there have been instances of false memories planted by hypnotherapists. 

One word against another... how does one determine the truth? Polygraph? They CAN be fooled. security cameras? Say hello to big brother!

Castration is permanent. People are emotional and make mistakes.

While there are considerations, This is a slippery slope. One could argue that women cannot molest. So, how would we treat a female offender?
There needs to be a way... but castration (Chemical or otherwise) isn't the answer. I'm not sure that there IS an answer. Caution is warranted, lest we descend into the pit and remain there...

DO WE BELIEVE HEARSAY?  Where is the physical evidence?  It's worrisome that we consider such a solution.
Why not just extend it to all murders, robbers, All Lawbreakers? 

Food for thought... or the way to extinction --  AS I SEE IT!

Sunday, May 19, 2019

No luck, no breaks

My wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer.
6 months, at most, prognosis.

She came home on the 4th.  Didn't eat much. Was drinking okay.
Her birthday came on the 5th.
on the 8th, she actually ATE.  I had hope.

9th, not much, 10th, less.  11-14....No signs of improvement, and straight downhill.

Each day, each time I wanted to do anything for her, it was, "Not now."  That's been the story of my life.

Early morning, just before 1 AM.  Not doing well...
5 AM... not well, cold, in a lot of pain.  6 AM, calm.
8:15, I check in, tell her I love her...Then go to set up a GOFUNDME account for final expenses
It's going to be needed.
At 8:40 -- she's gone.

Death's a bastard.  It hurts.  I'm now alone in a strange state, a strange city, few neighbors and fewer friends in the area.

There is nothing for me, here...except a house that I'm still paying on.

There is little to do but mourn.

My GOFUNDME page for my wife's final expenses is here:
No need for a long 128 character link!
If you can't help financial, just share the link.  That will help.

Death's a bitch.  EVERYTHING'S A BITCH..
-- Life's bitch-  then you die.

Monday, April 29, 2019

When Life throws you for a loop

Last Thursday (25th) I was forced to call an ambulance for my wife. Too weak, couldn't stand.  I suspected Diabetic Ketoacidosis.  Turned out I was right.
Took a couple days, and they got in under control.  But Friday... well... that's a day I don't want to remember, and yet I will.

I got a call from the doc.  My wife had been diagnosed with CANCER.  The BIG C. 
Pancreatic and spread to liver.  :(

I was crying most of the weekend.  Went to see her on Sunday, she was upbeat.  Looking forward to Hospice at home..  Home Monday.

Monday has come and nearly gone.  She was too weak to do much.  And what bugs me is the fact that the hospital gave her food, but wouldn't remove the Bi-Pap.  She didn't get breakfast.  Lunch was also in doubt.

But what do I do?  With my wife of 28 years given a 6 month prognosis, I'm still stunned.  Shocked.
Scared.  But there hasn't been a biopsy!  I've asked her to go for it, so we can be sure.  Will she?  I don't know.

It's possible that the results are wrong.  Slim, virtually non-existent, but still there.  I had a spot on the lung years ago.  They wanted a biopsy, I turned them down.  Trish has done the same.  But I'm hoping she reconsiders.  We need prayers.  We need HOPE.  If the biopsy is negative, we're.. well, not in the clear, but certainly better off than we are right now.
Diabetes is a bitch, too. 

For those who push "Holistic" remedies, I know you mean well... but you've been taken in by propaganda.  Chemo might work.  But if you think that Coconut water will help, you need your head examined.

Yes, I am hurting.  But I need your prayers.  Even Atheist prayers would be welcome! 
Right now, I just need to know.  Then I can determine a course of action.

Life's a bitch.  Cancer's a bitch.  Diabetes is a bitch.  And Death is the biggest bitch of all.

FACT?  OPINION?  Whatever... However you see it... may not be AS I SEE IT.