It's all about TRUTH.

Location is determined by position
Evidence will vary by location.
Facts will change according to evidence.
But TRUTH is unchanging.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

There is one in every crowd...

Even when it comes to "Climate Change" aka "Global Warming" Nonsense, I always am able to show evidence that the "Facts" are in dispute. 

There are some people who cannot accept TRUTH.  No matter what facts are presented, no matter what the source, the person will no counter with evidence or facts, but simply say it's all part of an "Agenda."

Yeah, I've met one of those.  He claims to have an open mind.  But he won't look at facts.  Typical in politics, of course.   

The man to whom I refer shall remain nameless, but I can provide some info:
1) He's from a "Blue" state (Actually, I preferred it when Blue meant GOP and Red (Commie) meant      Democrat.  It got switched by the media, and it's been stuck that way ever since.
2) He's an author.  And he's certainly done better with his books than I have with mine.  He's a poet,         too.  He's a musician.  These are all big pluses in my eyes.
3) He's an educator.  Well, nobody's perfect right?    He's also very strongly union.  And with the            territory, he's a "Resist Trump" kind of guy.

He had a poem on one of the social media networks.  It was a good poem, but I found a couple of parts to be .. well .. "off."  Best way to put it.  They just didn't seem right.
His tribute is to a man who recently took his own life (That, in itself, is just sad).  But he stated that he "Couldn't forgive" taking this route.  Well, we agree that it isn't the right route.

BUT... I advised him that the man in question had been bullied, harassed...on social media!
He wanted proof.  I gave him one link while looking for another.  And he immediately called my link "Driven by the conservative agenda."  THEN I provided the link to the bullying in question (Twitter archives).  AGAIN, he claimed propaganda.  Despite the fact that this was from the Twitter archives, he pretty much gave me the standard line, "I've made up my mind.  Don't try to confuse me with facts."

I was trembling with rage at that point.  Trying to type, but really unable to contain it....
I finished my line, he read the thing then said he was going to delete the whole thread.
Hmm.  Don't like the truth staring you in the face, I guess...

I'm debating what to do.  Cut him off from my lists?  Snooze him for a while?  Try to continue what's likely to become a media-wide conflagration?  Block? 

He then made a statement the he liked the poetry I have done, and wants to see more.  While this olive branch is a nice gesture and defused some of my heat, it still gives me the same feeling:  "I've made up my mind, so don't confuse me with the facts."

He's younger than I by a few years.  Will he ever see the light?  Probably not.  Apparently, the indoctrination is complete.

I opted to hide the poem in question.  He doesn't post all that much, so snoozing won't do much good.

Don't get me wrong.  I DID like the poem.  But sadly, it seems to be tempered with a fictional world view.

How will things play out in the future?  I don't know.  Honestly, I really don't.  That's the mindset in which I find too many..  AS I SEE IT.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

The difference is in the ingredients.

I don't know who created the meme, but it was posted by a suspected cousin of mine.  We're polar opposites, in more ways than one.  She's Democrat.  I'm Republican
She's female (That goes without saying) and I'm male.
She's dark, of African and Native heritage.  I'm light-skinned, European descent.
She's had children and lost a child.  I have not.

She posted this, above.  I have responded in this way, although I expect her to delete it and possibly block me for my statements.  Although, I hope she does not, I really do not know her well enough to know how she will react.
MY REPLY, BELOW...   SAVED here, in case she does delete or block.

You want to get me started? OK, let me start...
Now, I KNOW you've said you've lost faith. Really I find that sad. I'd direct you to the book of Job, But you may not be interested. IF you do decide to read up there, let me know.

1) Believing in science is not the same as deifying science, which I have found many people are doing. Instead of looking for patterns and then formulating an hypotheses, they state the hypothesis, call it a theory and then cherry-pick the data to make what they are trying to "prove."

2) "Marrying who they want." If I want to marry a pig (And I mean an actual "Oink-oink" pig, not a slob) should that be permitted? What about an elephant? Cow?
If the animals cannot express a desire to marry a human, how is it ethical?
The 3 acknowledged primal instincts: Hunger (eat and drink), self-preservation (Fight or flight), and perpetuate the species. How can two males (or females) propagate the species? If males and females do not mate, how does the species survive? It does not; it dies out.
I believe in a one male-one female match. Divorce, permitted, but abuse and adultery are the grounds (The is MY opinion, based on feeling, not any logical premise) Marry any single person of the opposite sex. Remember, in magnetism, same repels..

3) "Don't want to kick out hard-working immigrants." This is always a bone of contention. The GOP doesn't want to kick out immigrants. They want them to come over legally (not sneak over the border), apply for work visas, become citizens.
Instead, some of them sneak over, become involved in crime (murder, or other type), steal social security numbers (thereby robbing people who use the numbers)... is committing theft the mark of a good immigrant or good citizen? I cannot believe it is.

4) "Want women to control their own bodies" - You believe the science of DNA. The Child that is born from you has its own, distinct DNA. Compare it with you. Are they not two different profiles? Are they EXACTLY the same? No? Then how can some claim that it is THEIR body? It's a different DNA profile.

5) "Want to prevent mass shootings." - I don't know of anyone except criminals who support mass shootings. That's the key word: CRIMINAL. A person can commit murder with ropes, rocks, logs, dogs, automobiles, plastic bags, chemicals, airplanes.
It was just 17 years ago: 4 hijacked planes - one flown into the Pentagon. 2 Flown into the towers of the World Trade Center. Do we ban planes? Trucks and cars were used to run down people in France, Germany, Las Vegas, Nevada, London, England.
Where are the calls to ban automotive transport?

"Don't want people to die because they can't afford health care."
Without naming names, both you and I know people who have died, even with health care. Nobody wants anybody to die from disease.
We all end up in the the same-sized hole in the ground. Humbling thought, no?
But consider number 4 in light of this: To me, anyway, they seem contradictory.

Long winded, I know. Sorry. But I need, I think, to explain my reasoning.
You can delete the post, block me, report.. it won't change things for me. ________________ Yes, THIS is the case: AS I SEE IT

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Caution -- Likely to be censored at FB. Redux #2

Only conservatives have "Offensive" opinions, at least according to the Demonrats. (Yes, I said DEMON-RATS)
And yet, they ignore the fact that the KKK was founded by a Democrat. The ignore the fact that Stalin, Castro, Mao, and Hitler killed MILLIONS...
They ignore that fact that Nazis are SOCIALISTS (It's in the name -- And look for the "We are Socialists" memes... it's misattributed to Hitler)
They ignore the fact that appeasement doesn't work. They ignore the fact that people are crossing the country's borders illegally. They ignore the fact that the "Religion of Peace" is running around beheading people. They ignore the lesson of Sodom. They support Genocide in the murder of babies...

How long before this post is removed by a Facebook censor? How long before one of the "Tolerant Generation" is offended?

Honestly, how long before the asses at FB decide to censor me?  I don't know.  But I know that the Libtards are there...and they, like big brother, watch...

Monday, June 11, 2018


For those of you who have followed me on Twitter since 2007, re-establishing a presence there since 2008, I wish to inform all of you that I have eliminated them from my list of frequented sites, and I closed the account I had with them (RP accounts will go bye-bye in the near future).

WHY did I make this choice?

There comes a time when you get fed up with the lies, censorship, the bulwark of libtard thought... and something pushes you over the edge.

That's what happened.  I've been following 15-year old CJ Pearson on Twitter... Until today.
No, I didn't stop following him.  Twitter decided to lie about his age and close his account.  This young man is 15, a sophomore in high school, but the Libtarded left decided that he was "Too young" to have an account, claiming that he isn't even 13 years old.  Since he won't have a Driver's license yet, he's not going to be able to prove his age that way.

Honestly, that was the final straw in the censorship battle of Libtard vs the rest of us.  And I logged my protest.  Good bye!

I'm now off it, permanently.  The lying bastards of libtards of the plantation just gave me the last kick.

I AM following CJ Pearson on his website, Facebook...and I'm off Twitter and on to MEWE.

10 years on Twitter.  Shadow-banned.  I'm done.

I STAND WITH CJ PEARSON, an intelligent young man who refuses to be brain-washed by the lying liberal leftists who are offended by everything, including how you breathe.

No more.  I left with little warning, 1056 followers gone.  Followed almost 1000,  including Marco Rubio, Donald Trump, Richard Acosta, and various folks in my chosen field...

Sorry, folks,  I have reached my limit. I'm leaving that Libtard Shithole for good.

I had to take a stand... AS I SEE IT!