It's all about TRUTH.

Location is determined by position
Evidence will vary by location.
Facts will change according to evidence.
But TRUTH is unchanging.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

BULLYING ... My former classmates, BULLYING HURTS...AND CAN KILL!

So, apparently, some of my old classmates from St. Louis Park have gone BULLY. They are spreading lies, BS, gossiping, in general being exactly what I detest the most!

If you're Christian, or claim to be, fellow classmates, and you're behaving like lying Bas:**rds., you're NOT CHRISTIAN AT ALL!

You're behaving like the scribes and the priests in the story of the Good Samaritan. Walk by on the other side. Continue to spread the lies, folks, it'll all come back to you. Believe me, it will. When somebody has had such a hard time, has been beaten, broken, stuck in a wheelchair, robbed... and you blame the victim? Seriously?

Started with one gal, I gather, who listened to the lies of the devil. Maybe, just maybe, she's schizoid? GET HELP!

Spread the lies, deary. You are bullying. And you are quite possibly going to be the one responsible if worst does happen. Keep it up; you'll end up in prison, believe me!

Take a good, close look at yourself. Imagine yourself in the same situation.
Now, Imagine that I start spreading lies about YOU!

Think about it, those of you who have been bad-mouthing. I suggest you learn COMPASSION.

BETH, BARB, BRUCE, KELLY... ANY of you who believe the lies and gossip.. I'm watching you! Anything I learn will be used against ANYONE in court... Remember, "Who is my neighbor?" which the man asked Yeshua. Yeshua indicated that MERCY and COMPASSION were signs of being a good neighbor. You're falling short. WAY SHORT. Mene, Mene, Tekel, Parsin... Look at that 3rd word, TEKEL... YOU HAVE BEEN WEIGHED IN THE BALANCE AND FOUND WANTING. You better get your lives together, folks. You ain't got much time... "MENE, MENE" Your days are numbered and are being brought to an end. Do you go out wanting?

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Who are we?

Out in the night. I seek signs of joy, of celebration. The street is nearly dark. From the yard, I see only 1 tree -- No lights anywhere. Only our yard. That's it.
Is everyone out of town? No, not that I can see. There are house lights, but nothing decorative. NOTHING!
Is this what Christmas has become? Tradition by route, dying out as the generations pass on? No Menorahs out for Hanukkah, no trees or lights for Christmas, no nativity scenes, nothing?
If this IS the case, the devil has already won.
Maybe it's just our location. We are somewhat rural, some of the houses are vacant, abandoned but not yet in decay. But the yards are unkempt, tree branches are littering the lawns, weeds exceed the height of the fences.
Maybe we're already dead?
If there is no celebration of life, there can be no joy. If there is no joy, there is no life.
Are we George Bailey or Mr. Potter? Are we the nephew Fred, or Ebeneezer Scrooge? Are we the citizens of Whoville, or the Grinch?
I pray we are not the wrong character at the wrong time.

To PC or Not to PC: That is the question

I am not one to take offense at the mundane.  A Holiday greeting, appropriately worded for the person in question, is not offensive to me.  In fact, if you wish me a Happy Hanukkah, despite the fact that I am not following Judaism, I accept your wishes in good cheer.

I may not LIKE YOU  (I try to like everyone and in most cases I succeed) ...or your is irrelevant.  KINDNESS goes a long way.  And I love my family, all of them... wife's adoptive family, as well as her bio-family and my own...

I had gathered than one member of family had been raised in the Jewish faith.  Let me specify:  Not my "Immediate" family, but an in-law, we shall say.  Her sister was raised in the Christian faith (I am unsure of denomination, so I can't specify more).

Now, after a previous debate, I had determined that she was self-identified as Jewish.  I figured I would include her in a Facebook post, with a greeting of "Happy Hanukkah."

OY VEY, That was a mistake.  Is she ashamed of her upbringing?  This is the US, 2016, not Germany of 1933, despite what you are picturing as an incoming administration.

Although I am grateful she told me that she prefers a Christmas greeting (If any), I am somewhat saddened by getting cuffed in such a manner.

Still, I honored her wishes and removed her from the greeting.  I made a mistake assuming that she embraced Judaism, but we do occasionally step on toes.  If I were perfect, I'd be G_d.

However, it will not stop me from sending Wishes for a joyful season to her, or anyone.  I choose kindness.

To any and all:  Merry Christmas, Blessed Yule, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Kwanzaa.  If you don't like any of those, pick a generic.  It's not my place to guess what you prefer.  If you choose to take umbrage at my greeting, it is your choice.  I choose to give you a greeting.  I choose kindness.  How you act is not going to dictate my life.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The oh-so-tolerant left strikes again

Well, I have to admit this doesn't apply to everyone on the left... But one, anyway.  Let's call her Jeanne... Just for the hell of it.

ON FB, I often have political discussions.  And they almost always result in the other side name-calling, threatening, or just saying "I'm done with you; you're a bigot."

Such idiocy needs to be called out.

She claims she's going to vote for Clinton.  I have no control over what she believes.  I don't control her vote.  I think she knows that.  But she thinks that I'm "Anti-woman" because I don't support Clinton.  I gave her my reasons.  She counter with a couple of articles which I read.  Then I went on to contradict a half-dozen points, with info of my own..  I don't have a lot of time to go back to find all the sources.  But it's somewhat apparent that she would even look at them.

She ended it, claiming "You're not on my friends list; I removed you a long time ago."
Actually, I don't recall her ever being on my friend list.

She refused to acknowledge the fact that I was molested as a child.  Expected.  She refused to acknowledge that a niece was raped (Expected)

Honestly, Jeanne... I hope you get what you want.  But name-calling is very unbecoming a lady, and it bothers me that you'd stoop to Alinsky tactics.

I pointed out that Clinton's Travel as SOS means nothing.  That's not an accomplishment, it's incidental to the job.  You refused to acknowledge Benghazi.  You don't accept the fact that Clinton's husband has a list of accusers a mile long, and possibly an illegitimate son (This one is merely rumored, so I didn't even mention it on FB)

I pointed out the fact that she accused a child of being the aggressor at a rape trial and that she lost her law license.  Of course, that is "Irrelevant."

Despite your attitude and inability to debate without name-calling, I harbor no ill will against you.
Politics is a dirty business and it ALWAYS brings out the worst in everyone.  It's hard to stay civil when people lie about everything.

I fear for our nation if Clinton is elected.  I'm not much more confident if Trump is.  Either way, we will endure 4 more years of hell.

I hope that you are correct in your belief.  But I wasn't wrong in the last 8 years under Obama.