It's all about TRUTH.

Location is determined by position
Evidence will vary by location.
Facts will change according to evidence.
But TRUTH is unchanging.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Snow Flakes attempt to shame... One word for that...

If on Twitter, the term #Instablock has meaning.  Fast, effective way of blocking the morons who attempt to shame constantly.

I know a little snowflake... Yeah, one of THOSE... Disagree, even civilly, your post is removed. 
Post nothing but facts, Offended.  I had such a one regarding causes of death... Guns, in a specific year, 31000.  Auto accidents, same year, 35000.  Drug abuse, 90K... 
Abortion:  1 MILLION PLUS... I showed that the biggest causes of death combined were still outnumbered by 3 to 1 by abortion. 

I had a post showing all the dictators who had taken away firearms... And one who was trying to do so.  And that little snowflake took offense there. 

I left a holiday greeting, and got bitched at.
I left a birthday greeting and got bitched at.

Sent someone else a birth greetings and same result from the same person. SNOWFLAKE!

That's the "TOLERANT LEFT."

While I MAY have exercised poor judgement in my most recent greeting, it's no reason to go trying to shame me in front of family.  IT DOESN'T WORK.  DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT??

Self-important, "Tolerant", Easily offended SNOWFLAKE.

No sense praying for a change of heart for this person.  Not sure that the person even has one!

It seems that this poor, liberal snowflake has nothing better to do than gripe at someone who's not a liberal.  Sick.  Pathetic.  Downright nasty.

My only suggestion?  GROW UP!  Stop being such a self-important, censoring SNOB.

Blocking may be my only option.  But I won't take bullying from a half-witted snowflake!


I may not be right... but I STICK BY MY PRINCIPLES.  You don't like it?  LEAVE.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The "Queen's English" --and the word I'd like stricken from the vocabulary of humans everywhere.

Honestly, I never thought I would join the movement to get a word banned.  There are words I do not use, out of respect for others, or because I do not agree with the usage.  PERIOD.
Oh, there are a lot of words I don't like because the meanings have changed and have become objectionable.  Gay is one of those.  Silly at one time meant "happy," not funny or foolish.
In Britain, fags are just that -- fags.  Cigarettes. 

We pick up or mannerisms from those with whom we associate.  Some words are now used as slang (Gay, Pervert, Fag.)  You can use putz, dickhead, "pussy" is in common use (even though it now vastly altered from the original meaning of cat.)  And let's not forget Dick, Johnson and Meat.

Some words have been borrowed from other languages.  Squaw, for one.  I've never used it.  I know the meaning, but I find that words like girl, maiden, lady or woman are sufficient.

This brings me to the "Queen's English."  From time to time, certain words and phrases that are uttered by the common people are picked up... and ultimately discarded.  Example include "Shock and awe", "Awesome", "Bae" -- Well, I Hope she's never uttered that last one. 

Cassius Clay (AKA Mohammed Ali) once said, "I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee."
It's the same with words.  The can float, eloquent, lacy and delicate.  They can be crude and crass.  Or they can sting, injure.  And in the case of bullying, they can kill.

This brings me to the word I want removed from the English Language.  Nay, from EVERY LANGUAGE that has such a concept.  And not really just one word, but its variants.

Allow me to describe the word and what is wrong.  I won't give the word until later.

The word was based on a concept which was largely accepted in the 17th, 18th, and 19th Centuries.
Most of the Civilized word has vanquished the concept from practice.  Not all.  But most.  The UK, the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, most of Asia (exception is India, and they are working toward it.)
Australia. Not so sure about Africa, but I don't get much info on that continent.

The word if often improperly used.  It has become profane.  It has become perverted.  It's an easy insult, kind of like "N****r."  Honestly, I'm not sure people even know what it means, anymore.
It's sloughed off on anyone who disagrees.  If you so much as say a word that sounds like another, you're labeled.  If you so much as accidentally associate with someone in specific groups, or live next to one, you're labeled.  Proclaimed guilty without a trial.  Ostracized. 

OK.  You've got the idea.  Now, what's the word?

You don't like people from Germany?  That is not racism.  That may be xenophobia.  Or you may have specific reasons you don't like them. Maybe you lost family in a concentration camp in WWII.
Or do you not like the possibility that they are speaking of you in another language? 

You don't like people from Mexico?  That's NOT racism.  It may be Xenophobia.  You may not like the idea of people speaking about you in Spanish -- when you don't understand it.  Or you may have had encounters with gangs from there or gangs made up of Hispanics. 

You don't like blacks?  Did you have a run-in with someone who grabbed your money?  Shot you?
Killed your family?  Your experiences are going to affect your view.  This is prejudice, not racism.
You don't want a Muslim next door?  You think they'll kill your dog, accuse you of being hateful?
That isn't racism.  It may be Xenophobia if they're from another country or culture.  But Muslims are NOT a race.   Haven't you noticed?  Skin-tone has NOTHING to do with this group.  Not a D*** thing!

The old method of identifying race had 3 races:  Black, Mongoloid, and White.  Jews are considered a race, all connected, somehow, by Abraham.  And to use the term "Indian" -- they are also considered a race.

Honestly, we need to stop look at each other as "races".  We need to realize we're a Species...Human.
Or Humanoid, as you prefer.  Homo Sapiens.  THIS is what we are.

Stop trying to find racism in everything.  Because if you look, you WILL find it, whether or not it is actually there.

Screaming "RACISM" just increases my resolve to ban the word. 
If you can't find good, you have serious problems.
If all you can do is call somebody racist, you have a VERY WEAK ARGUMENT.
And that's the case...AS I SEE IT.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

And it begins...

A new year is upon us.  I've actually been blogging for years, but haven't been consistent.  I think I started in about 2004, but I deleted the original in 2007.  Just started again.

Al Gore is chewing his fingernails's been D*** cold in these parts, colder in the north, and Even colder than that in Canada.  You want cold?  40 below, 50 below:?  And he STILL claims it is due to "WARMING.." 

Trump has indicated that we're moving the EMBASSY to Jerusalem.  The UN condemns that, so he cuts a quarter billion from the "Donation" the US makes.  Smart. 

Kim Jong Un, perennial moron, petulant child, trying to gain ground in "One upmanship" keeps threatening, but probably is compensating for his D*** size.

Isis is apparently retreating, and I hope that they can eliminate those dorks.

And once in a while, I get a serving of crow... well, I didn't apologize, because my view is just as valid, but I really probably should not comment on child-rearing, since I have none of my own.

Bills and health problems continue to pile up, and Irma leveled about a dozen trees on the property.

And now, it's 2018.  Midterms in 10 months.  IRS in 3 months.  And there's gonna be a lot of mudslinging. 

Grin and bear it.  That's all we can do right now.

That's the fact...AS I SEE IT!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Statues are inanimate objects...

Look.  Statues are not living.  My so called "Liberal" friends are more snowflake than human -- at least a good number of them are.

I'll offer you a compromise.  And I'm willing to bet that you won't take it.

You want to remove a statue.  I get to choose one to be removed.  Easy right.  Give and take.  Even balance.  Intelligence and diplomacy.

You want Robert E Lee removed.
OK.  I'll take FDR -  Let's remove the names from the history books, as well.
You want Stonewall Jackson gone.  Fine.  I will take All images of Margaret Sanger.

You want to remove Nathan Bedford Forrest.  He's a democrat.  Fine, take him.  I say remove Muhammed Ali.

You want Jefferson gone.  Another Democrat, one of the founders.  OK, take him.  I'll remove JFK.
You want to take George Washington.  I take all statues of Bill Clinton.

You want to remove any likeness of Trump.  I'll just counter with Obama.
You want to remove Andrew Jackson.  Let's take Harriet Tubman off too..  Bye bye.

You want The Bible gone.  Let's dump the Koran, too.  Same time.
You want to dump Teddy Roosevelt.  I'll Say remove John Brown -- After all, he was hanged for Treason, let's get rid of him.

Let's expand:  You want to pull Gasoline powered vehicles.  OK, I don't want mercury in my light bulbs.  NO CFL.

You want to have constant abortions.  FINE, let's pick some at random, and do like they did in that story, "The Lottery."

You want to take down Trump Tower.  OK, But I get to remove the pyramids.

WHEN DOES IT END?  Do we destroy our history because you find it unpalatable?

Think about it.  And mourn.  Because as we destroy our history, that's all we will be able to do.  Mourn.  Just think, Libs... it's in 1984.  Everything revised.  It's in Fahrenheit 451.  No books.

10 years ago, you didn't care about statues.  5 years ago, you didn't care.
You're being brainwashed, reprogrammed by the party.  Is that what you REALLY want?

You don't have freedom  You're slaves because you have everything given to you.  And if you want more, you have to do as the party says.

Worry, people.  Fear the future.  It's already happening!