It's all about TRUTH.

Location is determined by position
Evidence will vary by location.
Facts will change according to evidence.
But TRUTH is unchanging.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

It's happening

Earlier, I posted (in comic jest/satire) about people wanting to ban the song "White Christmas."  Well, it looks as if that warning has actually been prophetic.  On some campuses across the nation, people are signing petitions to ban the song as "racist."  You guessed it, mainly California.

Tell me, please, what about Christmas in the North.  SNOW.  It's white, and according to these clowns, mentioning white is racist, therefore snow is racist.

Our nation has become the land of the perpetually offended.  And in the same breath, they're passing a petition to repeal the 1st and 2nd amendments, as well.

It's a sad day for America.  It's a sad day for civilization.  It's a sad day for people everywhere because we're no longer permitted to "do our own thing."  It's the government's way, or else.

At least we're able to pursue our dreams.  But this may soon be a thing of the past, if certain people have their way.

With this is mind, I wish each of you a Merry Christmas, or whatever you may celebrate at this time of year.

Be strong.  Place your faith where it matters most.  And let the New year bring in its blessings... I pray that they are what we need most.  Not what we desire, but what we NEED.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

A Proposal to deal with Islamic Terrorism

With the obvious rise in Islamic Terrorism and Terrorists pouring into every country in the world that doesn't recognize this type of restrictive government, and our President's determination to let it continue, aiding and abetting the terrorists at every turn, I wish to propose the following tactic in eliminating it.

It's nasty.  It's disrespectful.  But it uses their own beliefs against them -- this is what MUST be done, if we are to survive as a world!

ANY suicide bomber, member of ISIS or other terror organization who leaves behind his body in any manner MUST be treated this way, otherwise, we will have no chance.

CONFISCATE THE BODY.  Do NOT release it to the family.  This is absolutely essential.  These terrorists leave people behind to die -- they don't "clean up" the mess.

The next steps are so disgusting that I dare not enumerate them here.  But suffice it to say that it deals with treatment and placement of the body or any part that is left.

Suffice it to say that any embalming must be done in a specific way.  Any casket must contain one item of a very small list.  Body placement must be opposite of what is prescribed.  If no casket, then I recommend a nice funeral pyre.

If we do NOT use their own beliefs against them, we lose our only chance to survive.  When one must use evil to fight evil, we stand upon shaky ground.  It is quick plunge into the abyss if there is one wrong move.  We balance on the edge of a razor's blade.  One side is quick death.  The other is moral turpitude.  There's no high road, here.  And this is the problem.

A few uses of this method will show 'em we're serious.  Maybe even only one.  But it must be documented at EVERY STEP.  AND IT MUST BE PUBLIC!

As history has taught, if we fight fire with fire, we risk getting burned.  Unfortunately, there is no other choice...AS I SEE IT!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

So, the self-appointed "Chiefs" of politically correct speech and all things "offensive" are at it again. NOW, they want to destroy a monument. They want to sandblast away the carvings in Stone Mountain.
Look buds, there were millions spent on creating this monument and you are now calling it "Offensive" and "Racist."
GEEZUS, folks... and you pansy-ass pussies who can only be called sheeple or just plain idiots, stand by without so much as a sound of protest... have you been so thoroughly brainwashed that you can't even utter a word? Have you really become so STUPID?
It "offends" you? This is what I mean, you pansy-ass pussies, you libtards who think giving in to everything is going to help the cause of peace. Did you learn NOTHING from WWII? Did you even study history, Britain, Prime Minster Chamberlain? Look what happened... They tried to appease an insatiable greed of a man who was ultimately bent upon getting rid of Jews and ruling the world with an iron fist.
Let me tell you something, folks. I am appalled at all of you. Your sensibilities have been hurt, so you sue or demand reparations for real or imagined wrongs of 150 years past? Of 200? 500?
I used to watch SNL. They had the skits of news. And at the end, I would see a "News for the deaf." But they were shouting. This offends me greatly, since I AM* deaf, and I know that shouting does absolutely no good. These days, people sue others for this kind of "humor."
Do I? No. And Why? Because I know that these idiots think its funny. And there is still a Constitutional right to free speech, even if it seems endangered! (Case in point, look at the Christian bakeries that are getting fined for living up to their own views, while Muslim bakeries come away scott-free! We speak up, and we get slapped with fines and gag orders. Tyranny in the name of PC!!)
I don't watch SNL anymore. The humor went down hill. The satire has become boring and old, and too many people think it's actually real. (RE: Sarah Palin's "I can see Russia from my house" was NOT said by her, but by Tina Fey, and all the libs bought into it.!)
If you don't like something, avoid it. If it offends you, turn it off. Don't force your damned views of hatred upon us in the form of "Politically Correct Speech." It's just Censorship with a new label. And it stinks like yesterday's diapers.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Global Warming activists are going to have a cow...

If you were around in the late 60s, you'll remember the "Climate Scare" of the 70s.  "Global Cooling" was the buzzword -- It was the "Globabble" of the 70s.  The world, the alarmists were saying, was getting colder and we were heading towards extinction, mass starvation, or whatnot.  Walter Cronkite bought into it.  Time magazine did.  Newsweek.  Barry Commoner, a "Professor" of whatever university he was at bought into it.  This moron actually ran for President in 1980, and he was not eligible then.  He was on the Socialist ticket, of course.

Imagine -- we were to be covered in ice by the year 2000!!

The 70s passed.  We had a few warmer than average winters in a row.  Cooling alarmists were befuddled, bothered and bewildered.  Somebody else stuck out a theory that we were actually warming.  And sure enough, the lemmings and Climate Alarmists bought into the nonsense.  This became the mass "Global Warming" movement we see today.  Yet, despite some loss of ice at the north pole, the south pole has actually gained ice, and even if the alleged 60 degree mark of this last few months were accurate, flukes can and do occur!

Now, the "Globabble" crowd has changed their moniker to "Climate Change."  This is about as all encompassing as one can get.

This morning -- An article strikes my eye.  It says there is a "Mini Ice-age" on the way by 2030.

OMG... Somebody tell Al Gore!

So, it is true:  The more things change, the more they stay the same.  The "Global Warming" crowd now is going to have to switch again!  We're back to cooling...  These MORONS don't know anything, and they know even less about climate!

We've come full circle.  If we do actually enter another Ice Age, I probably won't see very much of it.  I'll be 70+ when it arrives...IF it arrives.

The clocks continue to tick.  And the Morons continue to speak out about that of which they know nothing.

Way to go libs...  Any ice age will force people back to meat...  Poor babies.
No, I'm not blaming the libs for warming, nor cooling.  I'm just blaming 'em for being stupid!