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Monday, June 11, 2018


For those of you who have followed me on Twitter since 2007, re-establishing a presence there since 2008, I wish to inform all of you that I have eliminated them from my list of frequented sites, and I closed the account I had with them (RP accounts will go bye-bye in the near future).

WHY did I make this choice?

There comes a time when you get fed up with the lies, censorship, the bulwark of libtard thought... and something pushes you over the edge.

That's what happened.  I've been following 15-year old CJ Pearson on Twitter... Until today.
No, I didn't stop following him.  Twitter decided to lie about his age and close his account.  This young man is 15, a sophomore in high school, but the Libtarded left decided that he was "Too young" to have an account, claiming that he isn't even 13 years old.  Since he won't have a Driver's license yet, he's not going to be able to prove his age that way.

Honestly, that was the final straw in the censorship battle of Libtard vs the rest of us.  And I logged my protest.  Good bye!

I'm now off it, permanently.  The lying bastards of libtards of the plantation just gave me the last kick.

I AM following CJ Pearson on his website, Facebook...and I'm off Twitter and on to MEWE.

10 years on Twitter.  Shadow-banned.  I'm done.

I STAND WITH CJ PEARSON, an intelligent young man who refuses to be brain-washed by the lying liberal leftists who are offended by everything, including how you breathe.

No more.  I left with little warning, 1056 followers gone.  Followed almost 1000,  including Marco Rubio, Donald Trump, Richard Acosta, and various folks in my chosen field...

Sorry, folks,  I have reached my limit. I'm leaving that Libtard Shithole for good.

I had to take a stand... AS I SEE IT! 

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