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Saturday, July 30, 2016

I DARE YOU... to read this!

WARNING: POLITICAL RANT. You may desire to pass this before you read it. If you want to refute anything, however, you'll have to read it. Do you have the courage?

I saw something someone had posted about the "problems" that the GOP has caused since Ford. They mentioned Ford's Pardon of Nixon, Iran-Contra, Bush I (No new taxes) Bush II (Iraq).

Let me go back a bit: Truman: Made the choice to drop the A-Bomb on Japan.
Truman: Got the US involved in Korea.
JFK had a Mistress. His failed foreign policy at Bay Of Pigs led directly to the Cuban missile crisis and it was actually RUSSIA that ended the standoff with a compromise. Just a heartbeat from Nuclear War. Johnson's failed domestic policies led to the assassinations of Malcolm Little, Martin Luther King, Jr, and RFK. He also blew it in Vietnam.

Carter's weak foreign policy and inability to recognize an Islamic Threat in Iran led to the takeover or the embassy, and his inability to get the hostages free is unparalleled.

Clinton is a sex offender, lied under oath about Monica Lewisky, Gennifer Flowers and more. Weak domestic policy led to Waco, and the Oklahoma City Bombing at the Murrah Building. Don't forget the attack on our ships, either. All of this led to 9/11.

Gore started to tear down our infrastructure with his refusal to acknowledge his loss in 2000. Obama has destabilized race relations, education has gone to pot, Christians and Jews are being persecuted in the US and Overseas, Crime has increased, attacks against law enforcement have skyrocketed, Islam is on the march. Holder has "Fast and Furious" and there is the nice attack against the farmers in AZ and a complete military operation there as well as in Oregon. And yet, in between golf games, he pushes "Climate Change."

"Political Correctness", aka CENSORSHIP, is rampant.

I can't trust Hillary. I'm not sure I can trust Trump. And Johnson is the world's biggest question mark.

If you plan to report a story -- Be sure it's the WHOLE story!

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