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Saturday, August 13, 2016

When you play with fire... Scream "HOMOPHOBIA!"

I recently read an article about a "Transgender"... I put that in quotes, because in my opinion, and in Science, there are but 2 genders in the human species ..who was "Detained" at the Dubai airport...He claims it's because he's a transgender.

A GUY... who is, IMO, a freaking PERVERT...Who dresses like a woman and calls himself "Gina Gorgeous,"  was detained.  Well, well, well.  Or, as Joe Kenda would say, "My, my, my."

A man dresses like that and goes to UAE, and he expects to be treated with respect and kindness.


You folks claim the US is intolerant, and that many of us are not tolerant.  But if you're going to be a pervert and go to UAE, you're gonna get a comeuppance.  Do you think that a MUSLIM COUNTRY...which is famous for stoning, beheading, executions and strict stance against homosexuals is going to be happy to see you?  Do you think you're going to be welcomed with open arms and a hard-on for what you claim to be?

Boy, this guy is living in a fantasy world.

If you play with fire, you're gonna get burned, and that's the truth.  If you truly think that you, a homosexual, or transvestite, or "Tranny"... whatever you want to call yourself... is mistreated HERE, go there for a while.  If you're still alive after a year of being openly queer, I'd be surprised!

You may think the USA intolerant.  Just try Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Saudi Arabia.  Watch how quickly you're condemned to death.

If you're gonna to choose such a life style, I strongly suggest you not tempt fate.  Your doom is already sealed in the afterlife, unless you repent.  But trying to live that way in a Muslim  country shows stupidity and foolishness.  You want to be a proud, open queer?  Hey, that's fine, but don't try to convince me it''s moral.  But if you enjoy living dangerously, yeah, go try to be an open queer in the Muslim countries.

If you escape death...which is doubtful, then come back and tell us how "intolerant" we are.

THAT'S YOUR CHOICE... In America, it's still "Live Free or Die."  In UAE...It's "Live free to die."

Remember...that's not just AS I SEE IT...But it's the way it is!

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