It's all about TRUTH.

Location is determined by position
Evidence will vary by location.
Facts will change according to evidence.
But TRUTH is unchanging.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Darken not my door again, cursed love.
Bless me not with your smile..I wish it not.
I want not your sympathy or false pity.
Just go to hell and ROT!

You have stolen all from me, cursed love
 You gave me lies and me bound
everything, all that I have loved...
Nothing but fake love, found.

I shan't, any longer, be enchanted,
No more shall I roam in search.
Give me rope and let me dangle
from the tree's highest perch.

My tears are hot and flowing
Do not ask me why
It is just too often
I am forced to say goodbye...

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