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Saturday, August 2, 2014

It's time to vent!

I've been away from here for some time, nearly 5 months, but now I'm FUMING...

The government of this country is supposed to protect, in so much as it is possible without denying us our God-given rights, the states and the people of this country.  The President is supposed to enforce the laws which are supposed to protect us -- and yet...

Current crisis is not averted and is the worst possible situation imaginable.

When Typhoid fever hit this nation, people were quarantined, carriers of the disease (even without symptoms) were kept apart (I hate to use the word segregated, but it is the word) to protect the rest of the people.  Typhoid was virulent, often fatal, and untreatable, incurable.  It was NOT, however, a swift killer.

Science and Physicians have managed to control, and in some cases eradicate or nearly so, diseases like rubella, smallpox, polio.  But many governments, our own included, sit on stockpiles of the germs and viruses, tampering with them to make them more effective killers.  HOW DOES THIS HELP US?!

Obama's refusal to enforce the border laws is becoming well known, and those who flood the border are carrying diseases which we've controlled well.  This is not safety!

But now, this government is doing (or not doing?) the unthinkable.  They are bringing home 2 people who are exposed to, and quite possibly will be come ill with, the most virulent and swiftest killer ever known in the realm of living things -- the one that could, conceivable, wipe out more than 90% of the world's population -- if that disease "gets loose."  And instead of doing something about it, the President is "letting it happen."

Atlanta is home to the only US acknowledged stockpile of Smallpox.  And they are bring in, with 2 very likely walking-dead individuals, the worst plague since the black death, and one that has the potential to do far and away more damage than Bubonic Plague every did.


To protect the health of our citizens, we MUST NOT allow the two to return, despite the fact that they are citizens.

We're told that the containment is the tightest in the country.  FOOL-PROOF?  Well, they're constantly building a better class of fool.

How long will it be before containment fails?  When will be notified that the disease is rampant and killing everyone?


We know the name of the co-conspirator.  If no order stopping the import of this disease is issued, we know, too, thy face.  But who, in 2 years, will be around to accuse you?

You are complicit in this plot to destroy if you take no action.  I'm watching.  The Nation watches.  And you, in your own self-absorbed, narcissistic way, play golf.  As I write this, the plane may be arriving.  Kiss your ass goodbye, America.  We're bringing home a killer who will soon be loose on the street and unstoppable.

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