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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Politically incorrect city name under fire.

n an age where Truth gets the back seat to political correctness, in an age when hiring the most qualified individual leads to charges of discrimination, in an age when simple disagreement gives way to shouts of "RACISM!", and in an age when truth is called "hate speech," we need to reexamine some facts.

NOTE: Washington Redskins football is being hassled and bullied into changing their name: So far, they have resisted.

NOW, A Minnesota city, The largest city in Anoka County, is under fire for its name. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson both plan bringing bus loads of people from all over the nation to protest and petition this city into changing its name.

Al Sharpton has equated the name with slavery and bigotry. Jesse Jackson has called it a "slur of the worst type," and is demanding that the city pay reparations.

Is there no end to the outlandish stupidity of these absurd folks who play the race card at every turn?
The citizens and government of what was once known as Coon Creek Rapids tend to agree. Since the incorporation of the city in 1952, it has become a prosperous place, a strapping city of over 61000.

My advice to COON RAPIDS, MN, and Washington Redskins: Giving in is a sign of cowardice. STAND UP FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE!

(Note: This was written as a satire on the "Politically Correct" movement. As of this time, I know of no challenge to the city name...but I do suspect that such a challenge MAY be in the offing. Stand Firm!)

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