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Monday, November 1, 2010

October Canary Awards and a couple Kudos

October was a month of canary nominations.  Lots of politicians, Sports teams, individuals, organizations....
I had only a little trouble narrowing it down, however.


And despite all the jackasses nominated in the POLITICAL department, nobody got the bird...THIS TIME.

The Bronze Canary goes to THE NY YANKEES who, despite one HORRENDOUS finish, throttled the Twins out of the playoffs....only to Fall to TX in the second round.  Once again, I laugh at the Yankees for being huge spendthrifts and getting nothing in return.

The SILVER Canary -- goes to Zygi Wilf, Brad Childress, Brett Favre, and the entire Vikings team.  You guys were just STUPID to bring in Moss -- I knew he wouldn't last!  4 games -- Such BRILLIANCE, guys!
The Vikings are on their way to a 2-14 season, Favre is throwing interception after interception, and the teams that the Vikings can beat are dreadful!

The GOLD Canary -- goes to a bunch of idiot lawyers who shall remain nameless here.  You fools actually thought that suing my wife would get you some money, huh?  Well, it didn't work -- she's judgement proof, and now the final results are just a short time away.  YOU HAVE LOST, and you won't get a thing because you've driven us back into bankruptcy.  I'm thankful we have 3 lawyers on our side to battle your lies!
So, once again, HSBC and their Lackeys grab a GOLD CANARY!

And for those of you who were watching the World Series, I give a KUDOS to Texas -- despite falling to SF, you have proved that you have the stuff!

And to San Francisco, I say CONGRATS... 56 years between World Series Championships is a long time.

So, the Canaries are flying high -- and the Kudos move to some good places:  AS I SEE IT!

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