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Monday, November 22, 2010

The attack of the Lame Stream Media!

If you're a politician -- especially if you're a politician -- the Lame Stream Media will give you no rest.  Especially when you are popular!  Believe me, they attack like a pit bull defending a steak!
They'll drag you into situations in which you've never been.  They'll put you in places of which you've never heard.  They'll take you to hell if they can.  And then they keep attacking.  They accuse you of being an atheist, a crook, a Muslim, or sometimes a space alien.  That's what you have to expect from the Lame Stream Media.
But tell me why they have to drag the children of these people at whom they are throwing rocks, mud, or pies.  WHY do they have to drag in Children, at all?
Case in point, currently:  Sarah Palin.  Everyone knows her daughter Bristol had a child out-of-wedlock, and at a young (before adulthood) age.  Now, of course, Bristol is on DWTS, and they're accusing Palin of Staging a coup d'etat in getting her daughter as far as she's gotten.
But now, and this is the last straw -- The Lame Stream Media (I'm not sure of the "paper" name right now) is claiming that WILLOW PALIN, age 16, is in the same boat as Bristol was 2 years ago.  In other words, pregnant.  Of course, the "paper" gives no sources, or fake sources...and you have to wonder if attempting to defame the child (Dragging her through the mud) is just another attempt to get Sarah Palin angry.  Truth be told, I think it is.  They're trying to cast Sarah Palin as a failure in motherhood, and the only way they can do so is to attack the children.  They'll probably accuse Tripp of something, soon.  But right now they're focused on a 16-year-old girl who's trying her best to live a normal life despite her mother having been a V.P. Candidate, as well as Governor.
IF the story is true -- it's NONE OF THE LAME STREAM MEDIA'S BUSINESS.  IF the story is false, they have no business printing lies!  Freedom of the press and freedom of speech does not extend to lies, libel, and slander.That much has been stated by the Supreme Court.
My advice to Willow Palin and Sarah Palin:  If the story is false, SUE.  You'll win big and you'll win quickly.  Use the money for Willow's college fund.  Hit 'em hard, and make 'em pay big for lies, slander and defamation of character.
If the story is true, there is trouble.  But it's likely that you can prove it false.  So do that, and win your case.
Of course, I must admit that the "paper" which is telling this story is about as reliable as the 150 times they claimed the world is going to end by a certain date, ALL of which have passed now.  And they're FUNNY, too.  Like the Bat Boy articles, it's as funny as a crotch.  (No, not crutch, CROTCH.  I used that term intentionally!)
Listen up, you LAME STREAM MEDIA FOLKS... If you're gonna lie about a politician, it's expected -- mainly because politicians are MOSTLY liars...but Leave the KIDS out of it.  ESPECIALLY when they're under 18!  Otherwise, you're showing your level of maturity, and you are NOT helping the people of the U.S. With your crock of shit!
That's the fact -- Leave Willow Palin alone -- or get some irrefutable proof, and then KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!  Those are your choices, you Morons --Your only choices -- AS I SEE IT!

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