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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Surprises in store from NASA today

The story is in the news:  NASA astrobiologists have an important announcement at 2 ET today.  The speculation swirls.  There are scores of possibilities as to what this is about.
Actually, the speculation is that they have irrefutable proof of life somewhere.    Current best shot in speculation is Mars.  Maybe the Rovers have found Bacteria, or living viruses.  Or maybe fossils. 
Some folks are saying life may have been found on one of Saturn's Moons, possibly Titan or Rhea.  However, since we've had no probes on those satellites, I suspect those are out of the question.  Some people are saying that proof of life elsewhere has shown up on the moon. 
Maybe it's "Twin Earths"  planets like this with lots of water, and plenty of green showing.  Or even scores of them. 
Maybe SETI got a communication from somewhere?  Oh, that's possible!  Yeah, but the evidence (Probably radio waves) would have taken hundreds, if not thousands or even billions of years, to reach us here.
Maybe NASA is going to "Come Clean" about Roswell?  Don't make me laugh!
MAYBE NASA has found God's Castle in the Heavens.  Oh, wouldn't THAT be a shocker to the atheists!
Most likely, they announce "We have found nothing new."  Or maybe "We don't exist.  We're just a delusion in the mind of a dragon which is 10 Million years old."
Don't look for anything startling, however.  It's probably nothing new -- or it's so insignificant that we'll be going "HO-HUM" in 5 minutes.  Don't go looking for a "SPACE SPECTACULAR" -- That's NOT gonna happen -- AS I SEE IT!
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