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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Facts on the "Skinny" -- the electric cars.

Some time ago, I asked if the Electric Car -- cars such as the VOLT or LEAF were practical, or prodigal.  A few days ago, my questions were answered. 
The papers were referring to the LEAF, one of the current (No pun intended) electric cars available.  The EPA estimate of "MPG" -- in this case "MPG-Equivalent" was published.  I must say that the figure is very nice.  99 MPG-E.  Very, very nice.  You'll spend about a third of what you do for gas based on a vehicle that gets 30 MPG.
But the facts have come out:  SURE, you'll get the "Equivalent" of 99 MPG.  But the battery won't hold much.  You'll get about 73 Miles before you have to stop for a recharge.  So, if you're traveling from MPLS, MN to Chicago, IL, it would take 8 hours by gas-powered car.  That's a cost of $39.00 (Approximately) for gas.  BUT if you're using an electric car, you'll take approximately 9 hours to get 73 miles!  So, it will take you approximately 63 hours (nearly 3 days) of travel if you have only one battery available.  Now, if you want to travel 1500 miles, that means more than a week of travel! 
While these electric cars may be great for the environment, they are showing very little promise.  You'll need charging stations everywhere.  You MIGHT create a "battery exchange" system. It would need to be constantly attended, and you'd need millions on batteries everywhere just to cover the expected load!
It would take 22 batteries for ONE VEHICLE to get from MN to FL...on a straight-away trip.  Of course, if you stop for 8 hours for sleep, or something, you save 1 battery.
I think it's obvious, now, that these "Electric" vehicles are nothing but a red herring.  They may be OK for around town, if you only drive a max of 400 miles a week.
But what about all the energy that will be needed for manning battery changing stations, batteries, and the like if they flip to electric in full?
I'm afraid not.  You might save 1000 in gas per year, but you'll pay in the long run.  And when the batteries can't be recharged?  It's a $5000 replacement.
Methinks they need to make some major adjustments in vehicles, but the electric vehicles are going to need major overhaul to make them effective!
So, the electric cars are nothing but a waste for a normal family.  It's BEYOND PRODIGAL -- into the realm of the ridiculous!  That's the scoop with the facts -- AS I SEE IT!
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  1. I think your on to something there....this little adventure in ecology seems to have more than few little bugs still to be worked out. So fine, we wont be burning gas to move the car...but someone, somewhere WILL be burning something to make the electric to charge the thing....and make all those extra special batteries.