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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

So, how do you explain THIS, Al?

Over the last 3 days there have been some terrible blizzards in the NE.  32" of snow in Maine, airports at LaGuardia and JFK closed.  Teterboro airport closed.  Hundreds trapped on a ski-lift in Maine and injuries reported.
Snow in GA, Jacksonville FL, extra cold in Russia, temps below 0 in Britain, and sub-freezing temps as far south as the Florida Keys.  Record lows shattered in Florida, Low temp records set earlier this month in MN.
These cold spells, long as they are sometimes, are even worse when the areas like Daytona, and the Florida keys aren't supposed to experience them.
This kind of weather (And some half-wits claim this is only local) makes you wonder how 1/2 of the world can be experiencing such misery.  And it's been going on for 3 years, 4 in some areas. 
The "Globabble" activists were saying that hurricanes would be increasing because the ocean temps were increasing.  Now they claim the opposite; that there will be fewer of them.
3 years.  4 years of more cold than most people experience in a lifetime (Except in Alaska or Siberia).  Temps plummet below zero, setting record lows, causing crop damage for oranges, grapefruit, lemons...hurting crops in CA, FL, and TX.
The "Global Warming" activists are blaming "WARMING" for the increasing cold.
EXCUSE ME?!  It's LACK of warming that cools things down, you moronic jerks!  Are you going to try to blame "Warming" and "Man-made CO2" for the increasing COLD?!
Al Gore and his "god" Soros are still spouting nonsense, and they still think that they can hide the truth.  Sorry buds, but the truth is seen;  You jackasses are LYING.  Every time your lips move, you're lying!  Every word you put on paper is fiction!
Now, Al -- have you been sitting on the JFK airport tarmac for the last 7 hours?  No, you're sitting at home burning fossil fuels to a larger extent than most people do! 
If the figures don't bear you out, lie.  But when the WEATHER doesn't bear you out, blame warming, blame Bush, blame big business.  Yep, yep, yep... What a crock of S**T!
It DOES puzzle me, Al-baby -- how can you blame "MAN-MADE" CO2 for warming when it's getting colder, how can you blame it for a naturally occurring gas -- and an element from which ALL life on the world is made?  And since Matter cannot be created or destroyed, how do we get all that extra carbon?
ONCE AGAIN, Al-baby -- you're spouting nonsense.  Come up to MN, stick your tongue on a flag pole.  When you can't get it off, you'll make more sense than you do when you're spouting your GLOBABBLE.
The EVIDENCE and the OBSERVABLE PHENOMENON beat jumbled figures every time!  That's the TRUTH...And you're STILL SPOUTING NONSENSE -- AS I SEE IT! 

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