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Saturday, January 1, 2011


While 2010 officially began on 1-1, the year's disasters began early-- with delivery of foreclosure papers.  It was 12-22-2010.  We could not avoid the people, no matter what.  Shortly thereafter, A HUGE earthquake hit Haiti, killing 230,000 people.  There were other quakes, even stronger, but they didn't do as much damage because the country that was hit (Chile) was not as poor and therefore had a better construction.  That 9.5 Quake was the strongest in years.
We fell to a "Sheriff's sale" in January, we must clear this property before 1-29-2011.  That's just days away, now, and we still have no place to go.
In mid-January, a heart-attack sealed our fate on this property, while we tried to sell...and it's too late, now.  Even if we manage to sell before the 15th, all transactions like that must pass through the courts.
After the heart attack, what was next?  Pneumonia.  Certainly no help. And that was coupled with a blown clutch on the truck and another clutch problem just a month later.  YIKES.  That was not needed, for sure.
Volcanoes blew in ICELAND, Hawaii, and the Philippines during 2010. 
Al-Qaeda and its offshoots continued to attempt terror during the year.  In some places they succeeded, but not in others.  Several attempts were caught in NYC.
Of course, Obamacare and it's stupid mandate (Deemed unconstitutional by a lower court, but Supreme Court Appeal pending) was shoved down our throats. 
AZ tried to deal with illegal immigrants because the FED wouldn't, but courts struck it down, and an appeal is pending there, too.
While the house went on the market in September (at 180K), the price has dropped down to 145K, and even with 40 acres, nobody is interested.
There was a tornado that smashed a carport on our property, tearing the roof off the house, as well...while extra strong winds ripped off more shingles, ruined the garage door, and making a general mess.
I had surgery in July, I think it was -- only partially successful.  And then an unidentified gastro-intestinal illness hit Trish in September, knocking her off work, again...really making a general mess of things.
Several blown tires this year -- and I just caught the engine of the truck before it was going to burn out.  Added enough oil to protect it for some time to come.
October proved more trouble.  Trish had been hit by a car (While she was a pedestrian), but she didn't do anything -- it could have been a lifesaver if she had.  But early October, she got served with a lawsuit... It's on hold, but won't be beaten for a little while yet.  That depends on something that has to be completed soon.
In November, we took our last resort -- and filed for bankruptcy.  Already lost the house, plus another 24K in debt, we didn't have much choice in the matter. 
December has come and gone, the bankruptcy hearing is done, but we have one thing to do, yet.  And now it's January -- we our into our final 4 weeks of holding on to this place. 
And on 12-30, a plane crashed just a few miles from here, killing 2.
So, while the calendar may read 2011, it won't be until JUNE that 2010 officially ends for us.  But the disasters, eviction, and unemployment (Forced but with no recourse) looms ahead, loss of insurance as well.  UNLESS, of course, we can find a place to live in FL before mid-January.
So, 2011 has already started with the disasters that will mark the conclusion of the troubles that began in 2007, and peaked last year. 
I bid GOODBYE and GOOD RIDDANCE to 2010.  I can't wait for 2011 to be done with end of the disasters which peaked last year.  And I can only pray for a miracle to keep us from the streets.  I really don't know what else I can do.  That's the meat of the matter, as we struggle to keep the wolf from the door -- AS I SEE IT.
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