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Thursday, January 27, 2011

The human mind is a very strange thing!

The human mind is a very strange thing.  Some time ago, I wrote about a strange trip in my memories of music -- all the way from a phrasing of a trivia question to a song about a toy, which brought me back all the way to LUNCH WITH CASEY, and a song called "I Love Onions."
Now, I got walloped with a similar experience, and I REALLY have no idea what triggered the memory.  Now, I'll be trying to remember the lyrics of the song until I either find the paper with the lyrics on them, or re-write them.  (Yes, I can do that -- I wrote the original lyrics!)
I used to be in a rock band, years ago (Hey, ol' glorious leader!).  I wrote, or tried to write songs for the group.  Many of the lyrics were put on paper, then stored in a guitar case.  Over the years, I sold the guitar, put the papers in a drawer or box -- finally they became lost and the songs disappeared from my memory--or so I thought!
But today -- I was just done watching a little of the Disney channel, turned off the set.  All of a sudden, I found myself thinking of a song I wrote sometime  between April of 75 and 1978.  I can't pinpoint it any more accurately without the paper on which it was written.
What triggered my memory?  The fact that I'm leaving the state very soon? (We've been delayed a little, but we're ready to go...just need to figure out how to move a few creatures to the sunshine state!)  Was it what I was watching?  (I doubt it,)
Well, whatever triggered the memory, maybe it will trigger some more in the future.  I'd love to remember all of those attempts at song writing.  There are a few people who would love to get ahold of some lyrics.  I've got 'em for ya. 
I only wish I knew what triggered my memory! 
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