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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Learning the ropes

I am now in a new state, a state where my grandparents retired, where my parents retired... and now I have joined the throngs of people who have retired to Florida.  I'm not retired, but I am disabled...What little I can do, I do. 

Yet, I would not feel at  home if I had nothing about which I could complain.  And believe me, I have complaints!

There are no income taxes here.  That's a major plus.  I love that fact.  I mean, I can do without state income taxes for the rest of my life!  But this is offset -- Driver's licenses are $48.00.  Compare Minnesota at $21.
License plates here are a minimum of $44.00 with about a dozen extra fees added in.  For a bare minimum, you can expect to spend at least 70.  I won't be spending that.  Probably 250!  Why?  For one thing, it's a first time registration in this state.  That makes 225 right there.  The plate is 3, the extra fees add at least 25.

THAT is only, of course, if nothing else comes up.  But we're required to have an eye exam, and apparently beforehand.  so add in those fees.  They don't really count as taxes, however.

Then there are sales taxes -- not as bad as Minnesota, but they're on some things here that they are not in MN.  So, it levels out.

The nearest grocery store is 5 miles away.  About the same for where we were, in Milaca.  However, the price of groceries is comperable...if you don't count the extra fee the store is adding in!

I really have no idea about electric, telephone, internet, or the like.  I now have DSL, so the price is higher.  But the service of the phone company is faster.

Mail?  Well it arrives on time, I guess that's all I can hope for....

Oh, the weather.  THAT is something I can't beat here.  Minnesota has had blizzards since I left.  Temps have been BELOW ZERO.  And we -- well -- nothing below 70 for a high recently!  :)

Right now, anyway, the mixed bag is producing more diamonds than coal.  I guess that's something to be thankful for.

But I still have to learn the ropes.  Which way to Sparr?  How do I reach Ocala?  Where can I get hay at a better price?  Do I REALLY need to travel 120 miles to see family?  (Wife's side, that is; my family is now 1700 miles away.)

Time will tell how things will go.  But right now they look better.  I only hope that they stay that way.
That's the meat of the issue:  AS I SEE IT.

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