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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Power struggle among the power hungry power holders on power trips!

I am very tired of politics right now, so I am very glad that this campaign is almost over.  Not a day goes by now without another attack ad in the mail.  I'm tired of it, and am getting to the point where I won't even look at it.  Yesterday brought another "Vote for me" type agenda in the mail, this one from the sheriff of the county in which I live.
Therefore, I write this letter to the sheriff, and explain a few things.
Dear Sheriff:
My wife and I received your letter today which requested that we vote for you.  I'll get into that shortly, but I want you to realize that our names are NOT "Mr and Mrs Registered Voters." (As you very well know!)
I am both amazed and rather amused that you would request our votes.  You have your first challenger in 8 years, as I have determined, so you have someone breathing down your neck.  I guess you're too busy looking over your shoulder right now to bother with our names.
I am not going to vote for you.  Nor will I vote for your opponent.  In fact, I will not vote for any judges, either, nor anyone who is in any way associated with the "Justice System" in this election.
I have no time to vote for anyone whose department has illegally detained, harassed and questioned me and my wife, and has ignored my requests for assistance in retrieving property and ignored the crimes committed against me and our property many times in the last 4 years.
This all started in 2006, but things began to reach a boiling point in 2007 when you and your lackeys started hounding us over our animals.  You were quite aware of our kennel variance, but you chose to ignore it, instead demanding we show you the paperwork.  Just check the damn courthouse, buddy!  It's listed there.  Then you started bothering us over the untidiness of the house.  THEN you had one of our neighbors yell and scream over the animals again, which got us hauled into court, and we were forced to pay almost a F***ING GRAND in attorney fees (Which we could not afford), and the forced us to miss house payments, which in turn got us foreclosed.
You call THAT justice?  I call it F***ING HARASSMENT!
So far, you've delivered a lawsuit (Which we had to spend to stop, and we DID stop it, you bastard).  I got bit by a cat, and instead of showing concern for me the victim, you come in and demand to see the Livestock.  That is uncalled for!  And you bastards threw me in cuffs for no damned reason in May of 2009.  You stopped me when I was walking home one night (Again for no damned reason) and questioned me.  During a "routine" stop, your lackeys had the gall to question me about my religious faith.  Tell me what damn difference that makes, you fool!
You've delivered foreclosure papers (Which was caused by the damn fees we had to pay the court for your damned nonsense! 
And you sent a freaking check for $1.00  -- a check which my lawyer believed to be some sort of scam.  I've not cashed it-- in fact, I am returning it to you with this letter.  I suggest you stop trying to trick us, and start chasing the felons that have been committing the serious crimes in this area.
Instead of helping us retrieve our property from a convicted drunkard, you've ignored our request AND you have ignored the complaints about trespassers on this land!
And you want me to vote for you?!
I will not vote for you.  Nor will I vote for any judge running in this district.  NOR will I vote for county attorney, nor any freaking TAX AND SPEND Lawyer running for office.
I Strongly suggest that you get a life -- instead of trying to make others miserable.
Yours Truly ,


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