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Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Taxoholics are at it again!

Minnesota is a land of taxes. Income tax, sales tax, property tax, marriage tax, auto license tax, business license tax, estate tax, and more. Last year, the people were fooled when they supported an increase in the sales tax by 3/8% of 1%. The money was SUPPOSED to go for wildlife and "Arts", but what do you suppose happened? It went into the general fund. Now, the state is spending it (More accurately, the DEMOCRATS are spending it) while the state gripes about there not being enough to make their obligations. Oh, how typical!

In my area, the taxoholics are at it AGAIN. 7 times in the 13 years I've been here (And this will be my last year here unless there is a freaking unexpected miracle) the school district has had a ballot referendum, and the same has been rejected 8 times! (They had 2 referenda questions last year, both rejected by good margins, as all of them have been...but the last one was closer than any of the others.

They've had these questions 2 years straight, now. And I was at the market, spotted the headline on the local paper: Ballot Referendum approved for November. THREE STRAIGHT YEARS. Theses Tax-o-holics NEVER give up. They are losers, sore losers, who cannot and will not take "NO" for an answer.

I will not be in this area after January of 2011. But there is a principle involved here. Forcing the people to vote on the same question 3, 4, 5 years straight when they have rejected it 8 times is ridiculous. It's unfair. I'd almost call it unconstitutional, but that wouldn't be correct. But these fools, dorks, spendthrift Demoncrats are at it again, trying to get us to raise our property taxes by 200/year, or more. NO WAY, YOU JACKASSES!

I have voted no on ALL school referenda questions since 1979. I will continue to do so. The Government shouldn't be involved in the schools anyway. Not the Fed, not the state.

I am supporting a law to prohibit reprising the questions more than 1 time in 3 years. It is UNFAIR to the people to have to say NO, NO, NO, NO, NO! But these jerks seem to think it will wear the NAY-Voters down. And it hasn't worked yet. Last year it was an 8% margin of defeat. It's going to be BIG this year. Bigger than ever. And I, for one, am going to write a scathing letter to the school district about BEGGING in this manner. And I am going to tell them STOP SPENDING ALL YOUR MONEY SUPPORTING THIS TAX INCREASE, AND SPEND IT ON THE SCHOOLS. They spend $10,000 plus each time they try this, and they are wasting their budget money. It just goes to show that these fools think a sob story is gonna work for them. I'm here to prove them wrong!

These taxoholics MUST BE SILENCED, by LAW IF NECESSARY. And it seems necessary--AS I SEE IT!


  1. I don't understand. You want to write an unconstitutional law prohibiting the school board in your area? Just because you're irritated by how they keep asking for money? Bizarre.

    It may be irritating that you have to tell them 'no' every two years, but look on the bright side: you live in an anti-education area that will continue denying much needed funding to your local schools every time they ask.

  2. I have NOTHING against them's asking EVERY YEAR when it's been rejected 3 straight years! THAT'S what I'm objecting to, not the act of the referendum. Remember, they've been sending out mailings... FROM THE SCHOOL FUNDING ... to try getting MORE funding. We pay our share of taxes. AND more, since we have no children in the school system. Therefore, we are taxed INFINITELY GREATER than those who pay the school system with for 1 child, 2, or more.

    And you know NOTHING about the education in this area. I know more than you'd expect. I LIVE in the area, I know what they've cut, what they haven't, what they use the levies to purchase. Their textbooks are up to date. They want to purchase WI-FI for the kids, let them download music and such, free of charge! I've read their budgets. They don't propose raising salaries, but the throw the money into a fund to pay for the mailings from the previous year. They throw it into sports. They throw it into buying basketball hoops. REALLY. HOW is that kind of stuff linked to EDUCATION? And they propose installing METAL DETECTORS... And there has not been one incidence of violence at the schools in this area!

    Don't get me wrong -- I am NOT saying they shouldn't have the authority to ask. But I think it needs to be sorely limited.

    Next year, I will not be in this area. But EVEN until I leave, I would NOT SUPPORT allowing the kids to surf the web instead of working on the studies they've been given. And THAT is what is happening.

    If you'd like, I can get all the facts and figures direct for you.

    WHEN these guys put forth a decent budget, and STICK to it, THEN maybe we can consider a levy. But not until they stop throwing away the money on the frivolous luxuries upon which they are spending at this time!