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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hoopla, Flip-flop, and questions....

There was a man who said he would retire.  He did, but someone called him to return to the fold.  The money was good, he came back.
He retired again.  Then came back.
He once again tarried, thinking of retirement.  But 3 people went to his place and once again asked him to return.
By now you know who I'm talking about:  Brett Favre.  Arguably the best NFL Quarterback in history, he only has one Super Bowl ring to his credit.  He has played 19 years, this is his 20th season.  He's old for a football player (Soon to be 41), but he's still a young man. 
The questions before the board:  Is he just manipulating the media?  Is he for real? Can he have another good season?  Is he healthy enough?  Can he bring the team to a Winning Super Bowl?
1) Question 1, I think, the answer is probably yes.  The media loves a circus, and Brett Favre seems to give you a PT Barnum.  He obviously enjoys the limelight, and I suspect money does have something to do with his return.  It's probably not the only factor, but it's a big one.

2)  Is he for real?  His actions speak loudly, but incoherently.  But he's back again.  I think that makes him real enough.

3) Can he have another good season?  Well, that's gonna depend on a lot of factors.  It will depend on the fans, on his heel, on his arm, on the offensive line, on the teams being played... I doubt that the season he will have will be as good as last year.  But stranger things have happened.  The Vikings have never won a Super Bowl.  Favre has one to his credit.  If he's been training, I give him a 60% chance of having a year close to last one. 

4)  Is he healthy enough?  The team seems to think so.  He's undergone another ankle surgery, but I understand he's developed more bone spurs.  Whether he's still mobile enough, whether is arm is strong enough, whether his heel is pain-free enough -- that remains to be seen.
5) Can he lead the Vikings to a Super Bowl Victory?  His history is not promising in that area, but he STILL has won one more ring than any other Vikings Team member.  He almost took the team to the bowl last year, it was a last minute mistake that cost the team that chance.  If anyone can do it, Favre can, but you have to wonder -- can the man at 41 provide enough "oomph", enough "Pizzaz" to pull it off-- THAT is the big question.  And the only thing that can answer that is the season.
So, while we wait and wonder at and about the MAN at 40-41 years, we have to settle for this:  IF he stays healthy, it's likely to be an interesting year.  That's a major fact -- and the major question --
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