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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ranting on and on about the non-existent

I'm sure everyone has heard the joke that states, "I've made up my mind; don't confuse me with facts." I know a few people like that. I'm sure you do, as well. They are the "Birthers", the "Truthers", the "doomsayers", the "UFO conspiracy" folks. They are the ones who refuse to look at what's REALLY happening, the ones who won't (or can't) devour data. Quacks don't really fall into this category. But they prey on those who do.

However, my thoughts focus on only one particular aspect of these people (I'll save the quacks for another time-- the quacks and the fools who follow them).

I could call this "The Global Warming Hoax, Part II," and it would accurate enough.

I still hear the siren's call--"We're warming up. The glaciers are melting. It's all Man's fault, and we're doomed! We need action now." FORTUNATELY, I'm lashed to the mast of reality.

Last winter in Minnesota, we had some cold days. -34, -30, -27... The cold started in November, and didn't let up. We usually have a "January thaw." This means temps above freezing, maybe as high as 40. This is usually followed by a cooling off period, which gradually vanishes as the end of February arrives. I know of one exception: 1982. It was a year in which nearly no below zero temps were recorded in my area. Where were the "Globabblist" people? They didn't exist. The theory that indicated a "Warming" hadn't yet been advanced. But it's amazing how many have bought into that theory.

They've been babbling on and on about the glaciers, about the Polar Bear, about the "Greenhouse gases" and Ozone...Strangely, Ozone (O3) is classified a pollutant near the surface, but essential in the upper atmosphere. I've never been able to understand why a difference of 10 miles can make such a difference. I'm not doubting that there is one, but it seems strange.

What puzzles me so much is how the idiots can claim "Global Warming" when over the last two years in the Northern Hemisphere have been BELOW AVERAGE temps, as a whole. You see all the stuff on blogs, but nobody EVER points to the scientific evidence...

So far, they've been yelling about the warming this winter. In Minnesota, we've not yet had a low above 0 in my area. We've had nearly a month below freezing. All temps have been at least a couple of degrees below average. In the last 3 weeks, we've had 10 days of temps below -20.
Temps in Death Valley have been lows in the 30s, and it's plummeted to temps in the teens in Florida, 20s in southern Florida (Including Tampa and Miami), and Key West hasn't been anywhere near normal. Dallas has had temps colder than most people in those parts ever experience.

"THEY" say it's a "Blip." Two weeks is a blip. 3 weeks is crazy. 2 years of colder than average around here is unbelievable. Last winter was cold. This winter has been "Not as cold", but been cold LONGER. I don't see a "thaw" this year, either.

Last year, the ice on the lakes was a couple of weeks BEHIND SCHEDULE in vanishing. Some lakes might not have made it to ice-free when the Fishing Opener hit. That was mid-May.

"They" say it's "Local." Minnesota alone is Local. Or Illinois. Not the entire country. And if "they" say it's because the US is small, CHINA had coldest temps in 40 years, most snow in 50. NORWAY hit a -42. Beijing had 3, Russia wasn't warm.

I had to be fair, examine the Southern hemisphere as well. Temps in the 40s and 50s for lows in South Africa (Highs in the low 70s) Along the Equator, in Quito (Ecuador), temps not much more than 65 (One day I saw it was 77). Sydney has fluctuated between 48 and 80. One time I check Santiago, Chile, got 81. Ok, but it IS summer there, right?

I checked temps in Rio, Brasilia, and Kenya. Some of those "Highs" were barely mid 60s. One day, there was and 80+ reading in Brasilia, and and high 70s in Rio.

I checked the reports from Vostok. Summer there, altitude is a bit high, so I took that into account. the HIGHS are still below 0. How can ice melt if the temp is below freezing, and there is no precip of any kind? The info was showing highs of not better than -9 (predicted) with lows in the -40, -50 range, excluding windchill.

Back to the north, we had record lows for almost a week in August in my area. We had SNOW in Late September, and enough to measure in Early October.

They STILL scream "Warming." I scream "Liar!"

Stop trying to fill us with bull shit. LOOK AT THE FACTS. Look at the conditions that are dominating the globe in the North, and haven't had a lack of effect in the south.

Globabble, yes. "Global Warming"? Well, I've not seen it here. Don't tell me it's because it's local. The Equator to the Pole in the North, plus colder temps in the south -- tells me that you are full of it.

That's the meat of the matter on "Global Warming" -- AS I SEE IT.

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