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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Actively awarding canaries!

November 1st, 2009. Nominations for October Canary awards are closed.

Of all the awards given under the sun, The CANARY award is both BRUTAL and FUN.

So join the countdown; it will not get old. Let's award the Canaries, Bronze, Silver and GOLD.

What a month for nominations for canaries! I mean REALLY. I had 10 in the first 10 days, and picked up 10 more by the end of the month. ONE organization got TWO nominations! (That is a first for the canary!)

The DFL got a nomination (For Obamacare), the Nobel committee (for their pathetic attempt at pandering to Obama) 2 insurance companies, a local bank, a local medical provider organization, The President, collection agencies, a credit card... well, you get the idea. I had NO PROBLEM choosing the Biggest hassle. I quickly eliminated Cuzzi (the umpire who screwed up a call in the Twins/Yankees series), the Yankees, and some minor annoyances. I finally trimmed the list to 5 "Losers."

The only way to give everyone their due is to use a "Dishonorable Mention," and this month it includes 2 of them. Hopefully, the HIGH Nomination will drop off now.

In a tie for the Dishonorable Mention award, my local bank and the FAIRVIEW organization. The Bank refused to cash a check for us (although it was not from our account), even though the check was from a well respected law firm. It made our situation even tighter than it should have been. But it doesn't deserve the BIRD, but a fruit call (Raspberry).Fairview also gets a fruit call for a double nomination, submitting bills to the wrong companies, and a LATE DEBT VALIDATION. (They had 30 days to get it here, it took closer to 60. I am in consultation about that)

So, who gets the Bronze Canary? This month, this no-so prestigious award has to go to the DFL party. Their constant harassment over "OBAMACARE" is a pain. Did you know it will boost taxes, and force people who cannot afford it to buy it and pay a penalty to boot? The taxes would start nearly immediately, but no benefits would be received for 3 years. So, you get a new tax right away (which will push more people into the poor house), while giving illegals the right to govt. run insurance (No citizenship proof is required. This is NOT good) The plans won't go into effect until 3 years after it's signed (if it's passed and signed), so that's 3 nice years of extra taxes for the working folk. So, the DFL gets the BIRD.

The Silver Canary goes to our local fuel co-op. We use propane, and they decided (Without warning) to stick us on the "Pay on Delivery" plan. This arbitary decision on their part really sticks it to us in the wallet. While I can't blame them for the decision, they did not notify us. That earns them the SILVER CANARY. I extend my disdain for the company, and award them THE BIRD.

Do I REALLY need to tell you who won the GOLD CANARY? It's everybody's favorite to hate: HOUSEHOLD BANK! I was documenting calls from them since the 13th. To the 30th, from this jackass group, we received 72 calls, over 60 after the first request to stop, 13 after the second. For this constant violation of the FDCPA, refusal to stop, hanging up on us, giving us shit... I had no choice but to award them the Bird.

For Harassment, Household is in a class by itself. We're consulting an attorney. To apply a little of my favorite term from PHINEAS AND FERB: They're busted!

Some organizations... You can't live with 'em. You've gotta wish they'd disappear!

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