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Saturday, October 31, 2009

How QUICKLY they "Conveniently" forget!

If you lived through the 60s, you're old enough to remember the constant worry of "Global Cooling" in the 70s. The world seemed to be getting colder, the winters seemed longer, Hurricane Carmen was the big one:  Not Katrina.  Think about it, now:  Where are those people who were screaming about the imminent approaching ice age?  How quickly they have forgotten.
In the early 80s there was the "Jupiter Effect."  All the planets would line up, causing tremendous earthquakes, tsunamis, drought, famine.  The projected date came and went.  What happened to the doom-sayers?  They were quickly forgotten.  And they quickly forgot (or denied) ever being part of such a movement.
In January, 1986, STS-25 (Challenger) was destroyed by a "Design Flaw" in the rocket boosters.  People screamed over the loss of life, mourned the dead.  Two years later, most of the people had forgotten they had ever complained, as the remaining shuttles returned to work.  People were concerned that Halley's comet would strike the Earth.  It never came near.  People quickly forgot the hysteria.
In the 1990s, there was an attack by bomb in the WTC.  People quickly forgot.  Then there was an attack in the Murrah Building.  People quickly forgot.
The Casini spacecraft was heading back to us, and would crash into us causing radioactive material to spread over the world.  People were trying to stop the launch.  The craft never came close to hitting the atmosphere.  Most people have forgotten all about it.
Then there was the hysteria over a comet that could strike the earth in 2027.  They recalculated the orbit.  It will never come close.  Where are those doom-sayers now?
Let's not forget 9/11/2001.  Everyone was up in arms here, wanting to strike back, kill those responsible.  Now, the claim is that somehow Bush pulled it off.  How quickly the people have forgotten their outrage and are now blaming the US for destroying its own trade capital.
Now the focus has shifted to a new "Doomsday" scenario.  While some folks are preparing for the "inevitable" (Global warming nonsense), others are looking at the calendar just a few years from now.  They're looking at the Mayan Calendar, which (for some unknown reason) stops on 12-21-2012.  The date happens to coincide with an astronomical event which (Supposedly) will spell the end of life on Earth.  The predictions are a huge shift in magnetic poles, floods, earthquakes, fires...all which will doom the people of the planet.
This is as much nonsense as Nostradamus predicting 9-11.  You can point EASILY to the past to find things that fit the bill.  But to predict the future, you might as well try a Ouija board.
I'll take on anyone:  The world will NOT end on December 21, 2012.  Put up a hundred.  A thousand.  A million.  I don't care. 
No matter what:  If the world doesn't end, you pay me.  If it does, you'll never even have the opportunity to gloat.  Just think:  I'll be RICH, or will both be dead.
How long will it be from the 21st of December, 2012 before people deny ever saying that they believed it?  I give it a nano-second.  They'll forget immediately!
Stop looking at the cartoons.  Start seeing reality.  That's what you "Doom-sayers" really have to do.  And That's the fact of the matter ... AS I SEE IT.
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