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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A new level (no pun intended) Of Moronity

As you know, (And apparently so does the Govt) distracted driving is
dangerous at best, and deadly at worst. Yet you find the morons on their
Cell phones, Blackberry, or Bluetooth devices. They're texting, gabbing,
what not...shooting the breeze, as it were. Some idiots even have their
laptop computers on in the car while they're driving. As Bugs Bunny would say, "What a maroon."

But recently, there was an incident that takes the definition of "Distracted
to new about 40,000 feet!

Two pilots of a Northwest Airline (Delta) plane missed their landing mark at the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport. They flew on, not recognizing the fact
that they had overshot their mark. In fact, they didn't realize it until
they were alerted by an attendant. They almost overshot a second city in
Wisconsin (Eau Claire?) when they finally corrected course and went back to MSP.

The Air Traffic Controllers tried to raise the pilots for more than an hour.
First, Denver. Then Minneapolis. What the ?

What is the truth in this matter? Were the pilots sleeping at the stick?
It seems like a logical answer. Why else did they not hear the controllers,
the calls? Why did they not see the dimming lights as they approached MPLS, why did they not see the lights of the airfield? The Pilots have denied sleeping. They first claimed that they were in a "Heated discussion" over airline policy. But I fear that no amount of "Discussion" could have kept them from hearing the hails of the air traffic controllers.

Were they involved in a gay tryst? Would the voice recorder indicate it?
From what I gather, only the last 30 minutes are voice recorded in the
cockpit. So, this remains possible, but strange. You would think that the
pilots would be wide-eyed and open-eared in such a case.

Now a different explanation has come out. They were on their laptop
computers. Could this account for such complete and total distraction? It
could -- if they were using headsets.

No matter what the truth of the matter, if the pilots were asleep, or
otherwise distracted, it should fall to the FAA and the airline to do
something. It shouldn't be just their jobs. It should be their licenses.
On the highway, a moment's distraction can result in a bad accident. It can result in a fatality. But these jerks who are distracted pilots could cause a whole lot more damage.

If it was sleeping pilots, and not sleep apnea, the discipline should be
severe. If it was gay sex, they should be kicked out. If it was
distraction by laptop computer while flying, it should cost them dearly. It
could have cost MANY lives...It's time for the airlines to THINK, and the
passengers to boycott.

Think about it before you fly next time. Will that One E-mail they're answering cost you your life? That's something to think about -- AS I SEE IT.

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