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Friday, October 2, 2009

September Canary awards... gotta love 'em

It's October 2nd, and I'm running a bit behind in my works for the month. But that's the way it goes, I guess. So, let me get right down to it.

In this world of the absurd, it's time, now, to give the bird.
So into the Hall of Shame go we to issue our illustrious CANARY!

September was kind of a slow month for nominations to the Canary award, almost to the point where I didn't even have 3 nominations.
One nomination is already in for October, but that doesn't count.

Let's start with the Hall of Shame canary awards, Bronze canary.
The Bronze canary goes to our local vet clinic. They decided to cut off our access to local vet care. And why? Because we disputed an amount that they said we owed. They've lost. So they shut off our access in their clinics. Well, that's fine by me. They lied about us enough with false police reports, inadequate vet care, improper diagnosis. They lied, they lost, and they're sore losers. Typical.

Some of the debt collectors out there are still trying to collect from a dead man, by hounding us. Well, since we aren't the dead man, they are wasting their time. They can't collect from us since we don't even bear the same name as the deceased. Stupid folks, right? Constantly in violation of the Law, this group. If you ever have to deal with A.I.* just contact your attorney general, or dept. of commerce. Maybe both.
So, to A.I., we award the SILVER CANARY, for lies and harassment above and beyond the limit of law.

Finally, to our old insurance company, we must award the GOLD CANARY. Yep, This is the second month in a row that I've given them the bird. They canceled our car insurance without the slightest notice, and then the are trying to collect what we don't owe because of that cancelation. I'll be sending a dispute form to them shortly. They will lose.
Oh, and there's another one... A local, call him "C.C." Definately deserves a gold canary, as well. All in all, 4 awards, 2 Gold Canaries. Yes, I salute ALL of them by giving them "THE BIRD."

The first two nominees are already in for October, and we're only 2 days into the month. Our illustrious local bank is already tapped for the Gold Canary. They COULD lose out, if someone else proves more annoying.


I must admit that today I don't know if I should be Flattered, or insulted.
A local store asked me if I was eligible for the "Senior Citizen Day" discount. I may LOOK old, but I'm not THAT old. Should I take it as an insult?

Special HI to Twitter land. Big thank yous to my sister, and brother-in-law.
Gotta go... gotta see if the Twins can win the division. Wins are needed, losses for the Tigers. Twins fans, keep your fingers crossed!

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