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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Truth in advertising--and unexpected truths in advertising

Unless you have no Televison, you've seen lots of the ads, the commercials that dominate most shows.While I've never really kept track, I suspect that at least 15 commercials are aired in a half-hour show. That means at 30 seconds a spot, 7 and a half minutes are dedicated to ads. That's just commercials. And you've seen some of them.

"So simple even a caveman can do it." I don't know of any cavemen living around these parts. Even the Aborigines of Austrailia are more advanced than this. Can you tell me of a single caveman who needed insurance, had to file bankruptcy, or had a computer?

Then there are the ads for beer, or booze. They're usually puncuated by others telling you that you drunk, you pay the price. The Govt. allows booze commercials, and then forces the cops to watch for drunks who are driving. The "Disclaimers" which tell you to drink responsibly are so small that they are never seen.

Credit card companies offer you a 3% interest rate, but fail to show you in big enough print that if your payment is so much as a minute late your rate is going to jump to 40%, with an $89 late charged tacked on.

Then, there are all these drugs they tell you to try: for Asthma, Heartburn, urinary problems, pregnancy, avoiding pregnancy-- the side effects include death -- how many people actually read the warnings?

"FREE" credit reports... another crock. They tell you to sign up for services that cost 50-60 a month. Do yourself a favor -- write to your credit bureau once a year. That's really all you need to do. And that is free except for your postage and envelope.

But the "Fun ones" are those infomercials. They all tell "results are not typical. Your results may differ." WILL differ is more like it. Someone earns 30 grand a week. Yeah, and I'm Barack Obama. They go out of the way to find "non-typical" results. And what do you get? Shafted.
But I've found one very hilarious hint. Some of these things are shown on the "SYFY" channel. Science Fiction. So if you find an infomercial offering "Free money" and they're charging... take a look closely at the channel they're on. It's those that you really need to watch out for!

It's all nonsense. And sometimes they way tell you it's nonsense is more hilarious than the nonsense itself. And those are theREAL FACTS....As I SEE IT!

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