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Saturday, September 26, 2009

I define a HOT team in Baseball

When it comes to "Hot" and "Cold" in baseball, it's clear-cut.  It's not like Football where you need to look at specific players, passes, interceptions, as well as record.  Football is hard to define "Hot" because it's only a 16 game season.
Baseball is easy to define.  Just look at the last 10 games.  Streaks of 4 or more wins can define "hot,"  bit they mean little when the previous 6 were losses.  I define the team "hot" if they've won 7 or more in the last 10 games.  The loss of a single player, in baseball, can spell doom for a team, just as a single player who gets hot can make a huge difference.
I define "Hot" as 7 or more wins in the last 10, with no more than 3 consecutive losses.
So, who's hot?
In the National League, that term includes the Dodgers (7-3), the Reds (8-2. 5 wins), the Brewers (7-3, 4 wins), The Padres (7-3, 3 Wins), and Atlanta (8-2, 4W)
8-2 is tough to beat.  But the only chance that Atlanta has (Realistically) is to grab the Wildcard from Colorado.  Only 2 "hot" teams have any stake in this right now in the NL.
The American League-- well, that's a shocker.  Only 2 "Hot" teams.  Oakland is one (8-2, 3W)  Not a threat, but COULD be a factor (playing the Angels.)
The hottest team right now has 9-1 record in the last 10, 4 wins.  They can't take wildcard.  The can take Division, only 2 back.  And surprisingly, it's the Twins -- 2 players with 30 HR, a catcher who's likely to take batting title, But no pitcher who's even close to a 20 game winner.
2 Games back.  9 games to go, 3 of those games with Detroit.
The playoffs are just about settled.  MN or Detroit vs Yanks, Boston vs Angels
National League?  No lineups yet.  Likely Philly, Co. LAD, and St. Louis.
Stay tuned...
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