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Thursday, September 24, 2009

This is a weird one, folks

If you've been following the Star Trek RPGs on Twitter, you may have
followed some of the people... MuAnnika, KalaCree, MU_Riker, Captain_Janeway or Tuvok_. There are a lot of role players out there...and I am one of them.

If you've followed the "Unofficial" player Rogue_hologram, you note that it has a tendency to show up at unexpected times. He can appear as a Zombie with his "" line, or a horta, or perry the platypus. He's appeared as McCoy a couple of times. He's even appeared as the Borg Queen, and Ernest Borg #9, and Bjorn of Borg.

Have you followed Lucius Zimmerman? He's a bad guy. That's me, mind you.

I've managed to destroy one of the players. I'm in the process of taunting
some of the Evil Universe. I'm CLONING myself, too.

My character will likely fall to the evil that men do in the near future.
But I decided to write a little "ditty" so-to-speak, about the current
situation between Annika, Kala, and Lucius. Lucius is trying to tempt Kala to come over to his side, he hopes to kill Annika. But a strange situation has turned it into a difficult situation: Annika has invaded Kala's mind, and is apparently in Control through a mind-meld. This kind of a Jeckyll and Hyde situation.

I've been trying to come up with good wording for my ditty... I think I've
got some of it....

"I've got 2 gals in the Delta Quad.
One is a goddess, the other thinks she's God.
Right now, two minds, in the same bod...
The Goddess I can't resist.
On the "God" I want to use my fist.

I know the goddess won't wish me ill
But the "God" she me wants to kill
She'd finish me with a phaser or a quill
But her shuttle had a glitch
And it gave me a chance to ditch.

How can I the goddess entice?
It's easy to be evil, hard to be nice.
Somehow to melt this heart of ice....
But I have to separate
The heart of gold from the mind of hate.

To kill the Evil one, my goal
To take the goddess to my soul
How can I fulfill this role?
Apart, these two, I have to prod...
These two gals I have in the Delta Quad."

LOL. Comments, folks?

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  1. I love it! Can't wait to follow it through

    *sitting on edge of seat, watching intently*