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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bull shit and other nonsense: The SPAM connection

In Wartime, such as Korea, or WWII, "Spam" was just that: A meat product
made by Hormel. Not everyone would eat it, because it contained pork
products (Ham), In the early 1990's, and through now, spam has grown to
mean Unsolicited Bulk Email or unsolicited commercial Email. Hormel has
tried to stop the trademarked name from being used. And they've been

In an Email address I had, I received more than 2000 UBE/UCE in a month's
time. I finally changed my address. To HELL with the spammers.

What's happened? Well, now they are attacking my other accounts. Sure, I
have more than one. You NEED more than one, just in case.

I received more than 40 in the last 5 days at a yahoo address. They claim
To stop, click here." Well, I tried. One particular one claimed I had no
address in the database. I sent them the headers that proved it WAS them.
Have the Emails stopped? NO.

5 of them want me to use my "GI BENEFITS." As I was never in the military,
it's bullshit. I've asked them to stop. They ignore me.
7 of them in 2 days want me to spend 30 bucks a month to check my credit
score. WHY? It doesn't cost a thing when you write to the proper places.
You get one free per year, unless you've been denied...and then you are
entitled to one, as well. More CRAP.

They want me to be a medical biller. Idiots. That's a high cost venture
which I cannot afford. In fact, I've tried it. It's BULLSHIT, pure and

The most irritating Emails right now are Telling me that I can enlarge my
D**K size... But they also seem to think I want to enlarge my tits, as well.
Why would a GUY want to get breast implants? Just what kind of PERVS are
out that -- that they won't listen, and you can't shut the M-F-A-Hs up?

At least MOST of my stuff is relatively quiet right now. But I've learned
something... You can track the spammers by using a different name each time
you sign up for something (If you have to, that is) Call yourself BOB on
one, Rob on another, Robby on a third. If you start getting more than those
you KNOW who sent them because, if they're calling you by name... You used
only one name per. And you have 'em DEAD TO RIGHT...especially if they've
violated their privacy policies. NEVER sign up if no privacy policy is

I guess the best acronym would be KALDEL (Keep a long, detailed list.)
complete with printed privacy policies.

Best you can do: Don't sign up for anything. They'll find you out soon

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