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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The "Racism" card... The IDIOTS answer to the GOP

I went to one website a while back, and some jackass was ranting on and on about everybody being racist if they disagreed with the President.

How convenient to have an excuse. Blame everyone for being racist. The moron posted the same "RACIST CRACKER" remark about 20 different times. I finally got fed up and flagged every one except one. The guy's an idiot. He's got a big mouth. But he's entitled to one accusation. NOT 20.
The Racism card is the Idiots answer to the GOP's disagreement with Obama.

I get accused of being racist because I don't agree with with the DFL's version of the Messiah. I believe that the Obamacare bill is a bunch of crap. Cash for Clunkers was OK, but it didn't help me a bit since I couldn't afford anything anyway. All the Health care bill is going to do is give illegals coverage by default. They aren't entitled to it, according to the bill. But they aren't required to prove their status, either. So, they have it by default.

Obama has managed to "nationalize" 2 of three auto companies, the Fed has shut down over 90 banks this year. "Bailout" money is being forced upon states that don't want it. And while the homeowners are losing their homes (I will be one of them unless I can figure out how to prevent it) and the big execs are still getting millions in Bonuses, Obama pushes for something like his Health care plan which does nothing to fight the cause of the problems: Frivolous lawsuits. He pushes for amnesty of Illegals, gives them the Benefits that AMERICAN CITIZENS have earned,or need...but I disagree. I speak with Joe Wilson who shouted "YOU LIE" at the President during the President's speech to both houses. And I'm labeled "Racist" for telling the truth.

I have never labeled anyone "Inferior" because of race. NEVER. If these guys are going to accuse me of racism, they better show me something other than Obama. I don't agree with him. He's NOT GOD, no matter what his supporters are saying. I Refuse to Bow down to "His Holiness" Barack Hussein Obama.

It may surprise the lot of you to know that I actually supported Barbara Jordan for President. Shirley Chisholm. I believed that Colin Powell would have done a good job. I didn't want Keyes. Sorry, It's just a fact.

Don't try to hold me back because I'm Caucasian. And yet, the nitwits screaming "RACIST" at me are trying to do just that. To that, I respond "BLOW ME."

I will stand with Wilson. I will shout "YOU LIE" at the guys who are trying to place the race card. It's just your own bigotry coming to light.
Maybe you should look at yourself first before trying to place the Race Card.

Oh, I forgot... you're blinded by race.

That's the facts. You label me racist, I will shout "YOU LIE" at you. That's my only choice -- AS I SEE IT.

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  1. Well written... honest, raw... just how I like it. I wish you the best of luck in saving your home...