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Monday, September 14, 2009


Started checking who's out, who's not in the Baseball wars. My predictions
will follow.

AL East: It's down to NY and BOSOX. Division is going to NY this year.
Boston will get WC.
NY magic number is 11

In Central, only KC is OFFICIALLY out. Cleveland is realistically out....
They'd have to win 20 straight, and Detroit would not get a 20 game losing
MN and Chicago are still both in, but Detroit is in the driver's seat.
Sounds a bit like last year.
Anything can happen, but I suspect that Mn's late surges may occur, yet I
don't believe it will be enough. Division, Detroit.
Detroit Magic Number is 15. The Twins MAY end up above .500. It doesn't
look good for ANY of the Division.
AL West
Oakland is out. Rangers and Angels still going strong. Like AL Central,
magic number is 15. Texas COULD surprise Boston for WC, but I don't give it
much of a chance. 4 games back.

NL East, unless Philly has a collapse, they'll be champs. Florida COULD
sneak up on 'em, give it about 40% of catching 'em. FL has an outside
chance (Say, 20%) of sneaking by the leaders to grab the WC.
NL Central: Only the Cubs and the Cardinals have any realistic chance of
getting the title. St. Louis is far enough ahead to take it easy, This
doesn't mean that they can sit back, though. The Elimination number for
Cubs is 11.

NL West is more tricky: Dodgers and Rockies seem to be the best bets, with
my money being on Colorado. The Dodgers have more experience overall, but
the Rockies are HOT. The Dodgers play the 2nd worst team in baseball
(Pittsburgh), while Colorado is at S.F. It should be interesting to see the
results. Dodgers magic number is 16... But CO is only 3 games back.
Anything can happen. If CO doesn't take the division, it'll be the W.C. For

SO, NY and Boston
LA Angels

St. Louis
LA Dodgers and CO

NY would play Detroit (Advantage NY)
Angels would get Boston (Advantage Angels)
NY vs. LAA will depend on injuries in NY. But I'm picking LA.

NL: Too soon to tell, but CO won't play LA in the first round. Philly has
the experience, and LA the best record. CO is the hottest, and St. Louis is
nothing to sneeze at.
So, for now, it's a coin toss.

I'm still hoping for some luck for the Twins... I'd like to see a '65
rematch. An '87 rematch is possible.

There are a LOT of possibilities. NY vs LA comes to mind. That particular
rivalry is one I dare not comment on. I've my choices. And I HATE NY.

Let's watch for a week, see what happens. We should know more then.

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