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Evidence will vary by location.
Facts will change according to evidence.
But TRUTH is unchanging.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I remember, I remember, it was in a bleak September.

I probably should have written this yesterday, but I was "Zonked."
Tired, you know.

I arrived at work a bit early on September 11th, 2001. Starting time wasn't until 7:30. It was a beautiful day.

In about a half hour, there was a buzz of chatter: An airplane had been
flown into one of the buildings of the World Trade Center. Truthfully, I
didn't believe what was being said. Rumors come and go, they get blown out of proportion, sometimes so twisted that they aren't even close to what was originally said. I dismissed it. After all, hijackings are a thing of the
past. DB Cooper was the last crazy.

With-in minutes, there's another buzz. Another plane has flown into another building of the WTC. I begin to think "Wait a minute. Is this some sort of joke? A 'War of the Worlds' type thingy? After all, this station isn't
known for news." At break, I go out to my see what I can learn.

I get word that 2 planes have flown into the towers. A third has crashed
into the Pentagon. A fourth plane is missing. Presumed crashed. I still
scoff, "Indeed." I change to another station. And what I hear seems to be
part of a large joke...until reality sinks in. I go check the work TV.
First channel, slows flaming towers. Second channel, special report...
Towers hit by planes. Third channel...same thing. Reality hits. This is
not some prankster's joke. This isn't some "War of the Worlds" program.
This is real. I call home, tell my wife to load the gun...This is an attack.
Who, and why? I couldn't say.

We worked the rest of the day in stunned silence. We seethed, our anger
rising in our breasts, our demand for revenge not yet recognized by us. We're still in shock. We don't know what goes on. But I recognized it: WWIII had begun. Why? Who started it? We didn't know yet.

On that day, 8 years ago, the US was plummeted into a chaotic crisis we had not seen for years. We had no idea what the results would be. The skies went silent, completely devoid of planes.

8 Years later, the War rages... Both at home and abroad. We long for peace. We in the U.S. Have a "Stable" peace...not counting the back-biting between political parties. But we are at war in Afghanistan, Iraq. India has been attacked. Iran is after Nukes. N. Korea is rattling its sabres. The world isn't at peace, at all.

WW II lasted for 6 long years. WW III has lasted 8, but without bloodshed on an equal scale. I only pray that it never reaches that scale.

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