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Sunday, October 4, 2009

The curtain comes down

But in the final season of the Dome for baseball, Another first occurs. The
Twins come back from 7.5 games out at the start of September...To clinch a
piece of the division. Single game playoffs are odd enough. Triple plays,
perfect games, one game playoffs... But this is a first. In 1999, Tatis
became the only player ever to have two grand slams in one inning. But as
the curtain falls on the regular season, the Twins are involved in a first
of a different type--The ONLY TEAM ever to be involved in back-to-back

I watched Detroit take a 5-0 lead. I knew, then, that they weren't going to
roll-over and play dead. Chicago came back... I watched it become 5-3. But
it wasn't enough.

The final 162 game season is over. But the curtain isn't permanently down.
It will go up for at least one more game. If the Twins win that, they'll
have to try to take a bite out of the Big Apple. The Twins would probably
have to be in NY on Wednesday.

The Metrodome, unlike the old Met Stadium, won't fade in oblivion right away
It'll be around for a while yet. And it will stand as a Memorial -- to
the people of Minnesota, Calvin Griffith, Carl Pohlad, And at least 2 World
Series Championships. Will there be a third? Only time will tell. But if
there is not a third, The Homerdome, the Noise Dome... Will always be a part
of the memories of the people's memories until such a day that the final fan
of the Twins who ever saw the dome -- passes on.

I gotta say "Thanks" to the Twins, Griffith, Pohlad, and the rest of them....Ya done us proud. Thanks...the Twins victories may not yet be over in the Dome, but if they are, You must admit: It's been a great 27 years.

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