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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Taser warning: A little late, extremely frightening.

Reported on CNN: "Taser Manufacturer advises against pointing Taser at

How many people have been Tasered? How many people have died as a result of
Tasers, either directly or indirectly? How many people have been tasered
for no reason?

These "Defensive" devices are instruments of torture in my eyes. Sure, they
are generally non-lethal. Note that term: "GENERALLY." But what kind of
damage can they cause?

When the police use such a device on a man in a wheelchair, it's a sad day.
No, that's too mild a term, but I'm not sure what else to call it.
Disgusting, perhaps. Appalling is certainly a good term.

How many people of color have been tasered, as compared to Caucasians?

How many people who have pacemakers, prosthetic limbs, or cochlear implants,
have been tasered? How many deaf?

It's pure foolishness. Some people have been tasered when there is no
weapon visible and they are merely exercising their rights to be.

It's a fascist's dream. Run around with a weapon that can put out 50,000
volts, and be excused because you represent the state. It's DAMNED PATHETIC

People with life-threatening conditions have been hit with those stun-guns.
Some of them didn't make it. Those guns are supposed to be non-lethal. But
the statistics show otherwise.
A firearm such as a revolver is meant to injure and/or kill. Stun guns are
supposed to be different, but they aren't. I can still hear that guy
shouting "Don't Tase me, bro!" He had no weapon. He was tasered.

A man was tasered for being "Uncooperative" at a routine traffic stop. He
died. They claim he was on drugs. Whether he was or wasn't, the conclusion
is inescapable: The Taser is what killed him.

What's next? Taser the epileptic who has an attack and is unable to control
his actions? The asthmatic who's having a hard time breathing because he
can't find his emergency inhaler going to get hit with the stun-gun? How
about the man with an undetected heart murmur?

Are the fascists taking over? How long will it be before they start using a
taser on a Muslim just because he's a Muslim? Or on a Jew, because he's a

You can make the argument: "Guns don't kill people. People kill people."
But when the guy is hiding behind a badge, he's completely innocent. I have
to wonder if any people who have tasered someone have been brought to trial.
I doubt it. Cops even less.

Do I sound frustrated? Damn straight, I am. I pray I'm never confronted by
an idiot with a taser and an itchy trigger finger. They'd probably collapse
my lungs. And they'd be exonerated.

Don't take that taser warning too lightly. Worry about the jerk behind the taser. These guys shouldn't have those things. You KNOW what a gun can do. The question is, what will the TASER do?

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