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Saturday, September 13, 2008

The unknown celebrity--a return to Camelot?

Rimless spectacles are being bought at a high pace. Ladies' hairstyles are changing. Are more Rifles being bought, more fishing poles? Are we seeing more "Hockey Moms"?

It seems that Governor Sarah has become somewhat of an "unknown celebrity." People don't really know anything about her. And yet, women are identifying with her -- the glasses, the hairstyle. I have no idea if they are buying more rifles, taking up hunting or fishing. The moms are identifying with her for the kids, the moms of handicapped (or disabled, if you prefer) are identifying with her because of her child with Down Syndrome, unwed Moms or Moms with unwed, pregnant teens are identifying with her. And so are moms of soldiers in Iraq.

The upturn in interest in the election, and in particular in Palin, is quite similar to the trend-setting styles of the DFL's own "Camelot" -- the Kennedy era. Are we due for a return to Camelot?

3 of the candidates have children serving in the military. Only Obama does not. Only McCain has experience in the military. Obama, like most of the late "Baby boomers" didn't have to serve. Biden was exempt due to health problems (Asthma). Palin, of course, didn't have to serve, either.

But are we heading for another Camelot, an era where we fall in love with a candidate or spouse of a candidate, just because she's a fashionable woman? I really can't say.

Who am I going to vote for in this election? Obama's "Pig with lipstick" remark turned me off. While I can accept McCain, I am very uncertain about Palin. Nader? Well, if he was the only one running, I might write myself in. Jackpine Bob is dead, Gus Hall is dead. I suppose I could write in Richard M. Nixon-- the one from Mississippi, not the late President.

This election shakes me up. I don't know what to think. The only problem is that I cannot see the debates. I'll probably be working each of those nights. Unless I can get someone to lend me a VCR?

Obama is too young, but Palin is younger. Palin, at least, has some Executive experience and McCain has some Command experience.

Find me a bomb shelter, give me enough for 4 years. I'll sleep, and if I see my shadow 4 years from now, I guess it'll be okay. If I don't, maybe the world has ended.

The "Bible code" claims the earth is annihilated in 2009. So, maybe it doesn't matter. Or maybe it does.

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