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Evidence will vary by location.
Facts will change according to evidence.
But TRUTH is unchanging.

Friday, September 12, 2008

I'm NOT Paranoid!

There's an old joke in which the punchline is "You'd be paranoid, too, if everyone was out to get you."

Thing is, I'm NOT paranoid! I have enough emperical evidence to prove that this dam* state IS out to get me. I can run through enough evidence that would make Johnny Cochrane cringe, enough to throw OJ in the slammer for 20 life times. The problem is that it's circumstancial evidence. It seldom wins a case for an accuser.

It started in 2006. When two of my horses went missing, I called the police to ask them to keep me informed if anyone found them. They informed me, alright -- after the "Hooved animal rescue" had grabbed them. As they tried to steal the horses, the bills piled up, the vet wouldn't give a release notice until HIS bill was paid in full, even though we were on a payment plan.

It continued in 2007. Humane Society (Moron Society is more like it) tried to take all our horses from us. We fought back, won. But the bastards kept coming back, and in December, they brought the cops and Health Department. We fought back, won again.

The COURTS got involved in 2008. We fought back, achieved a stalemate which can't be broken until July 2009. If we can keep them out of it, we win.

THEN, the STATE tries to levy our wages. We're far enough behind in our bills, on our mortgages, to wind up in the street if they pull that sh**. We fought back, achieved a "Semi-victory". The victory may be soon. It depends.

THEN THE STATE Sics the DMV on me. They are trying to steal away my DL. I brought in the heavy artillery. The battle rages, but with the facts on my side, their case is LOST. Bastards.

What's next? How will they try to throw me more crap?


Just ONE MORE piece of evidence, and I* am calling in a lawyer!

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