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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Is John McCain INSANE?

Figuratively, I was glued to the set for hours awaiting word of McCain's VEEP choice. I believed that it would be Pawlenty, but Romney or Lieberman would have been acceptable. I just wanted to see who would finally be picked. Obama's choice was less than exciting, A boring Washington Insider--a "common Joe", so to speak, but whose net worth seems to be that of a common man.

All the talk about Pawlenty, Lieberman, Romney, and Ridge... I thought I had it. Romney would "turn-off" the evangelicals. Ridge doesn't have the expertise in domestic policy. Lieberman is quite attractive as a running-mate because of his Appeal to independents and Democrats alike. But I eliminated him because is too much like McCain -- nothing to complete the picture.

All of a sudden, the buzz on CNN... About someone who is a complete unknown to me. I can't even identify the NAME, or state...finally given to be Alaska, a governor.

My first response was "WHO?" The second was a disbelieving "WHAT!?" And as her credentials were rolled out, I began to wonder about McCain's sanity!

He's chosen a woman (All well and good, but I preferred Condoleezza Rice), a 44-year-old mother of 5 of which the fifth is just a few months old, and has Down Syndrome. A woman whose political Resume' could be written on the back of a toothpick. And a woman who is currently under investigation for CORRUPTION in her home state.

Is he MAD?

I feel that I have been betrayed. Not because he chose a woman, but because he's supposedly "vetted" this woman who is UNDER INVESTIGATION IN ALASKA.

Thanks to this horrendous blunder (in my opinion) I've been able to narrow down my final choice for President. Not McCain. Not Obama. Not a write-in for Hillary, or Pawlenty. But if I don't sit it out, or McCain doesn't change his choice shortly, I may go Green. That means NADER. At least, in a third party such as the Green Party, Insanity won't bite: It has no teeth.

If more should come to light that changes the picture on Sarah Palin, it will be considered. But right now, it looks as if McCain has LOST HIS MIND...and I find it disturbing.

A man of color, believed by many to be Muslim, inexperienced-- or Insanity and an even lesser experienced woman. That's a great choice.
Unfortunately, it says a little too much about the way the country is going.

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