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Monday, November 17, 2008

There's a lot of stupid people

There are many stupid people out there. Many of them. There's the fool who tries to twist your words. There's the jerk who refuses to listen to reason. And then there's the loon who reads into your statements something that you aren't saying. It's nonsense, a total piece of...well, you get the idea.

Case in point, a board moderator at I've left that group because they changed the rules without notifying their group that they WERE changing them. I had earned more than 20, but because of their rule change I won't get any of it. I finally told them I'd be checking with my lawyer-- which I did.

So, at the end, I told them my lawyer said I might contact the attorney general of the state in which they are located.

I wrote my final note, saying "I shall simply leave. This is one sucker who refuses to be licked!. "
I can put the whole message here, but it makes little sense.

But the moderator of the board is a coward. Let's call him Rog macJerk. It's not his name, of course.

My statement: "My attorney has suggested .... " Then I continue, "Perhaps I shall do this in addition to my decision."

The coward-- deleted the post, calling it harassment and threatening. Does that sound like a threat? I mean, "Perhaps". What kind of idiot IS Mr. MacJerk?

So, what does this lead me to conclude about Helium? Well, suffice it to say that they managed to cheat me out of the share that I had coming. They're shrewd, there is no doubt about that. These folks are the Richard Nixon of the "Writer's world." Remember Nixon? His most famous comment came 35 years ago today. "I am not a crook."

Just let me say: If you would like to make money by writing, choose a freelance position. Get an education. The "raters" at Helium have no brains (apparently) when they let an "article" which is full of spelling errors and wrong words as well as punctuation errors become #1. The writer doesn't know how to use capitals, doesn't know when to use periods, can't spell receive, and doesn't know when to use "HAVE" rather than "OF". And the Helium members don't care.

Back to Mr. McJerk for one minute. Like I said, he's a coward. But he's the one who's managed "Writing stars". I have nothing. And I shall no longer be a sucker to them. Will I contact the Attorney General of the State? I have not decided. But when I do, you can rest assured that it will be the RIGHT choice.

Helium: "Where knowledge Rules." More like: "Where you are scammed".

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