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Monday, November 17, 2008

The Wheels of Justice

It has been said that "The wheels of Justice turn slowly." Any who has been wrongly convicted can tell you that.

I find that JUSTICE is God's, not man's! And so far, It's not failed me...although sometimes it seems to be awfully slow.

ANY TIME -- that I have been mistreated -- Justice (or is that judgement?) has come...sometimes swiftly, sometimes slowly. Although I'm still waiting on some, it hasn't been 2 years yet.

I used to work at Zayre. One day I was accused of being a crook. It took time, but I convinced them that I wasn't guilty of the crime of which they accused me. The pertpetrator got Jail, in less than a year the security guy was on the street (unemployed), and the company was out of business.

I then went to a place which was a grocery store. One day they pushed me too far. Three years later, the place was out of business, bankrupt. I don't know what happened to Cindy--the fool--but I was working elsewhere, and she was unemployed!

I used to work for the daily paper in Mpls, as a telemarketer. They kicked me out, but within 3 years, the Evening paper (for which I worked) folded, merging with the morning paper.

I went to Musicland. Remember them? One guy kept pushing, and pushing, and pushing...I finally had enough. I was cleared of any wrong, and the other guy...after the warehouse closed and moved (They've since gone out of business, I think)... the guy wound up in Jail for sexual assault. The other guys, many of them, on unemployment.

I went to work for a local florist. Nice spot, for a while. Then they started lying about me, pushing, causing trouble. I couldn't take it. Since then, the CEO of that company went to China for the Olympics. But there was an attack, I understand, against him. He came home in a coffin. The company has been battered by the economy. Will they survive?

The Humane Society, local police, courts, the state -- have all been out to get me. I await the justice that will be coming. The H.S. has tried to steal my horses. The police hassled me over horses, and driving which was completely legal..The courts have tried to assist the cops, and neighbors have been ogres. The state tried to steal my Driver's license from me. None of this goes unnoticed by the Ultimate judge, the one who will truly dispense justice.

I can't wait to see what the justice will be...what is the ultimate "payback"? Job received better than he had. Elijah was taken to heaven on the wheels of a flaming chariot. Judas Iscariot committed suicide, getting his "due".

The wheels of justice keep turning, slowly. But they never grind to a halt.

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