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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Life as we know it... Sadly!

I am seriously worried about the Millennials! As general rules:
They are lazy, Stupid, easily-controlled puppets. They cannot think for themselves; they never learned how to think. It's amazing: They don't know how to read or write in script. They cannot do simple math. They claim to be concerned about pollution, but leave Trash everywhere and don't know how to clean up after themselves. They worry about "Climate Change" but know nothing of the mechanics of the climate (or the universe, for that matter.) They refuse to accept personal responsibility, always blaming someone else! They claim to be against violence, but bully their classmates until their classmates snap and go on shooting sprees. They can't (or won't) acknowledge their own parts in this, and push to ban guns.
In February, they are eating Tide pods (Despite the warnings on the boxes-- but they apparently don't know how to read), the next month they claim to be experts in the Constitution (despite the fact that they can't read!), and now they're snorting condoms. Seriously, the generation is more stupid than any generation I've seen.
The Greatest Generation is nearly gone - in most cases, they had values, morals, intelligence; they recognized the existence of Heaven and Hell.
They eschewed evil (for the most part), knew how to put aside differences. Baby boomers began to lose some of these things and didn't pass down the morals and values. And this is the result: 30-40 years later, we have a generation of ignorant, lazy bums, in many cases on welfare, who don't know how to see danger, or how to stop evil. We have a nanny-state, and we're on the edge of disaster because of it. The generation prefers being slaves to the government rather than Freedom!
The Millennials are committing suicide by stupidity. It may be too late for them. We in the older generations MUST STEP UP. We need to relearn the values and skills that have been lost. Otherwise, we are doomed. This is worrisome-- AS I SEE IT!

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