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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

It's happening. We MUST stop it!

It has become known that BANK OF AMERICA will no longer lend money to those companies who manufacture "Military-Style" weapons. 


They've ignored the truth:  only a small fraction of a percentage point of such guns are wielded by people who are involved in mass shootings.  In 2016, that was 374 out of 38000 deaths.  They have ignored the fact that nearly 2/3 of deaths by firearm wielding individual are suicide! 

So, who kills themselves with a long gun?  I'm not sure it's even possible.

LESS than 1% of "ALL" US gun deaths are caused by long guns. 
IF we assume that approx. 12667 gun deaths are murder ( and there are no accidental shootings or police shootings) it gives 2.7% of murders caused by long-gun wielding maniacs.

So, 97% of the deaths are actually pistols or "short" guns.

What's more dangerous, capable of doing the most damage?  Obviously, the AR-15 or guns in that style. And yet 97% of all guns involved aren't that.
How many people can conceal a weapon like that AR-15?  NONE!

So why is the left vilifying guns?  It's a FALSE FLAG.  That's EXACTLY THE POINT.
Vilify them, then when they're gone, Vilify the pistol.  Then grab those.

I sincerely hope that there are enough Patriots to hide their guns.  I hope there are enough to resist this anti-2nd amendment crowd.  If there are not, there will be a takeover.  It will be Commies, Nazis, Muslims... 

What we need right now is a reminder of why we have the 2nd amendment in the 1st place.  A sub in San Francisco Bay.  Something around the Statue of Liberty.  A Warship in the Gulf. 

Unfortunately, the Sheep have control, and the wolves are congregating.

It's Chamberlain all over again.  Try to appease the Wolves...  They didn't learn a DAMN THING from WWII! 

My recommendation?  Get yourself something.  Get it where they aren't registered.  Stock up on ammo.  Make a bunker.  Prepare!

As the Bankers start killing the people, you'll have your defense. 

When the Government joins in, THEN is when you will REALLY need your gun!

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