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Evidence will vary by location.
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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Snow Flakes attempt to shame... One word for that...

If on Twitter, the term #Instablock has meaning.  Fast, effective way of blocking the morons who attempt to shame constantly.

I know a little snowflake... Yeah, one of THOSE... Disagree, even civilly, your post is removed. 
Post nothing but facts, Offended.  I had such a one regarding causes of death... Guns, in a specific year, 31000.  Auto accidents, same year, 35000.  Drug abuse, 90K... 
Abortion:  1 MILLION PLUS... I showed that the biggest causes of death combined were still outnumbered by 3 to 1 by abortion. 

I had a post showing all the dictators who had taken away firearms... And one who was trying to do so.  And that little snowflake took offense there. 

I left a holiday greeting, and got bitched at.
I left a birthday greeting and got bitched at.

Sent someone else a birth greetings and same result from the same person. SNOWFLAKE!

That's the "TOLERANT LEFT."

While I MAY have exercised poor judgement in my most recent greeting, it's no reason to go trying to shame me in front of family.  IT DOESN'T WORK.  DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT??

Self-important, "Tolerant", Easily offended SNOWFLAKE.

No sense praying for a change of heart for this person.  Not sure that the person even has one!

It seems that this poor, liberal snowflake has nothing better to do than gripe at someone who's not a liberal.  Sick.  Pathetic.  Downright nasty.

My only suggestion?  GROW UP!  Stop being such a self-important, censoring SNOB.

Blocking may be my only option.  But I won't take bullying from a half-witted snowflake!


I may not be right... but I STICK BY MY PRINCIPLES.  You don't like it?  LEAVE.

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