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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Potential running-mates for the two major parties.

The fields are all but set... even if the DFL is still UP IN THE AIR... Stupid delegates and all.

So, turn your eye to running mates.

Clinton, if she manages to gain the nod, with or without the Stupid Delegates...

She needs someone who is ideologically like her.  But this will alienate Sanders supporters.  Sanders disagrees with her on some topics, and this is going to kill any chance of him being her VP.  And I'm not sure he'd want it.
     So, what is needed?
      If she chooses a woman, that will alienate men.  That will cost her some support.  Her running-mate needs to be younger by 10-25 years, or she will alienate the late baby-boom generation and POGS.
      If she chooses a non-Caucasian male, she will offend many of the white male democrats.
       I do NOT envy her position.
       Her best bet is likely to be Sanders, anyway.
       So, who do we have?  Let's take a peek, and see if we can divine the possibles.
There's Sanders.  Opposite on Gun Control.  Too much "Free Stuff"  Pushing the $15.00/hour wage is a problem and most GOP will not support.  Businesses certainly won't.  There's Elizabeth Warren, aka "Fauxohantas."  The claim of Native American on her part has been debunked.  But liars don't care.  And neither do fools.
Pelosi (Pee-Lousy).  This would be tantamount to political suicide.
Boxer:  2 women on the ticket is likely to offend men and they will rise up.
Somebody suggestion her husband as VP.  This is Constitutionally forbidden.
Hillary Needs to look a male in the Southwest.  Biden isn't likely to want to serve in the same position again.

Trump has it easier..A little, anyway.  Anyone, male or female, who is minority, or just female..Lots of choices, but many have turned down.
1) Martinez, New Mexico.  Woman, Minority (Latino), relatively young, somewhat well-known.  All pluses.
Unfortunately, she's indicated no, but I suppose it could change.
2) Rubio.  He's said he doesn't want.
3) Sheriff Joe:  Likely to be too old and that is going to be a heated topic.
4) Chris Christie:  Too liberal for me.  From NJ is likely to cause trouble, because both would be from the same geographic area.
5) Rick Santorum.  Not well known, really, outside of PA.  Wasn't really well liked there.
6) Sarah Palin.  Good choice, but maybe too much baggage.
7) Ted Cruz.  Are you kidding me?  Trump and Cruz do not get along.  Although Cruz WOULD ensure Texas in Trump's pocket -- it's not likely.
8) Nikki Haley, S.C.  She's pretty much said no already.
9) Condoleezza Rice.  Solid, female, black, conservative.  Everything that's needed.  Cons:  not really interested, may be too close to Trump's age, perhaps too much baggage from Bush years.

Trump needs to look SOUTH and WEST (That's an idea:  Allen West), possibly California, to at least give him a fighting chance in California.

There's time, yet.  Look for Clinton's announcement by mid-July, probably late June.  Look for Trump's about July 4th.

That's the picture... AS I SEE IT.

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