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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Before us, now, the abyss awaits...

So, Shrillary Killem wins California. BUT... Despite her being the "Presumptive" nominee, she will NOT have enough delegates to win on the first ballot. She needs every "STUPID DELEGATE" she's got.

Right now, that looms big. There are about 60 days until the Convention. Lots can happen. She could be indicted, criminally indicted, by a grand jury. She could make a statement like Jesse Jackson did in 1984 that cost him his chance. She could offend an entire group. Burned-up Sandwich could manage to siphon 20% of the Clinton Supporters. If he gets just 100 or so of those delegates the tables will be turned.

The Stupid Delegates, however, are just that: Stupid. They're going to support Shrillary, no matter what. They're racist and sexist, and they're going to support her because of her sex. It doesn't matter what shady stuff she's done. It doesn't matter what scandals she's been in. She's got a "Va-gee-gee", so they'll support her.
47% of the people will support her because it means "Free Stuff." and more than 50% of those will vote for her no matter what.

It doesn't matter that her husband has been accused of rape. It doesn't matter that she told the Ambassador at Benghazi to stand down. It doesn't matter that she's been involved in questionable deals.

Enter Sanders supporters. Some of them will not go quietly. They'll urge him to run as an independent. (Read COMMIE). He could siphon off enough from her to cause havoc.

Trump is STILL a Self-funded campaign-- although some might argue that the Great America Super PAC is raising money. But the DFL candidates are taking it from other countries, in violation of Federal law.

Enter the #Nevertrump group. They may push a 3rd party run by Cruz. Or Ryan. Or someone yet not really on radar.

Only 30-40% of the eligible voters will vote. We will be ruled, either way, by a minority.

DFL says it's "Discrimination" to have to show an ID at the polls. In order to get in to the convention, you need to show an ID. Somewhat Ironic, no?

Pray for our country, folks. We're going downhill fast...but at the end of that is a cliff...We need to stop the descent NOW.

I pray that you all do the right thing.

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