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Evidence will vary by location.
Facts will change according to evidence.
But TRUTH is unchanging.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

The cyberbully strikes. And my Reply

This is as open as I will get with Mr. L. B. Anderson.  He's on Facebook and he's a bully.
I love you, too, sir. Now, maybe you are unaware that cyber-bullying is a crime. Fortunately, I am too strong willed to be taken in by your comments -- that's right, I'm not going to kill myself. Isn't that just too bad?
I also just love the way you badmouthed, cussed me out, then ran and hid like a little baby or a big coward. It's absolutely what I expect from your type.
I am also likely to outlive you. Even with my health issues, I know that you are somewhat older chronologically, although, apparently, your mind is a great deal younger.
You indicate I am not a "Value added human being." My value, sir, is between me and G_D. I am what He decided I should be, and no less.
It is quite obvious that you cannot engage in a discussion without resorting to name calling. Typical of an Alinsky disciple, this is the type of behavior I find objectionable.
May your life be what you want... because I'm pretty certain your afterlife will not be.
Fare thee well. May you see through the lies that have blinded you, before it is too late.
You don't like my opinion?  My view?  Or is it the fact that I am smarter than you which you don't like?  

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