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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Global Warming activists are going to have a cow...

If you were around in the late 60s, you'll remember the "Climate Scare" of the 70s.  "Global Cooling" was the buzzword -- It was the "Globabble" of the 70s.  The world, the alarmists were saying, was getting colder and we were heading towards extinction, mass starvation, or whatnot.  Walter Cronkite bought into it.  Time magazine did.  Newsweek.  Barry Commoner, a "Professor" of whatever university he was at bought into it.  This moron actually ran for President in 1980, and he was not eligible then.  He was on the Socialist ticket, of course.

Imagine -- we were to be covered in ice by the year 2000!!

The 70s passed.  We had a few warmer than average winters in a row.  Cooling alarmists were befuddled, bothered and bewildered.  Somebody else stuck out a theory that we were actually warming.  And sure enough, the lemmings and Climate Alarmists bought into the nonsense.  This became the mass "Global Warming" movement we see today.  Yet, despite some loss of ice at the north pole, the south pole has actually gained ice, and even if the alleged 60 degree mark of this last few months were accurate, flukes can and do occur!

Now, the "Globabble" crowd has changed their moniker to "Climate Change."  This is about as all encompassing as one can get.

This morning -- An article strikes my eye.  It says there is a "Mini Ice-age" on the way by 2030.

OMG... Somebody tell Al Gore!

So, it is true:  The more things change, the more they stay the same.  The "Global Warming" crowd now is going to have to switch again!  We're back to cooling...  These MORONS don't know anything, and they know even less about climate!

We've come full circle.  If we do actually enter another Ice Age, I probably won't see very much of it.  I'll be 70+ when it arrives...IF it arrives.

The clocks continue to tick.  And the Morons continue to speak out about that of which they know nothing.

Way to go libs...  Any ice age will force people back to meat...  Poor babies.
No, I'm not blaming the libs for warming, nor cooling.  I'm just blaming 'em for being stupid!

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