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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

So, the self-appointed "Chiefs" of politically correct speech and all things "offensive" are at it again. NOW, they want to destroy a monument. They want to sandblast away the carvings in Stone Mountain.
Look buds, there were millions spent on creating this monument and you are now calling it "Offensive" and "Racist."
GEEZUS, folks... and you pansy-ass pussies who can only be called sheeple or just plain idiots, stand by without so much as a sound of protest... have you been so thoroughly brainwashed that you can't even utter a word? Have you really become so STUPID?
It "offends" you? This is what I mean, you pansy-ass pussies, you libtards who think giving in to everything is going to help the cause of peace. Did you learn NOTHING from WWII? Did you even study history, Britain, Prime Minster Chamberlain? Look what happened... They tried to appease an insatiable greed of a man who was ultimately bent upon getting rid of Jews and ruling the world with an iron fist.
Let me tell you something, folks. I am appalled at all of you. Your sensibilities have been hurt, so you sue or demand reparations for real or imagined wrongs of 150 years past? Of 200? 500?
I used to watch SNL. They had the skits of news. And at the end, I would see a "News for the deaf." But they were shouting. This offends me greatly, since I AM* deaf, and I know that shouting does absolutely no good. These days, people sue others for this kind of "humor."
Do I? No. And Why? Because I know that these idiots think its funny. And there is still a Constitutional right to free speech, even if it seems endangered! (Case in point, look at the Christian bakeries that are getting fined for living up to their own views, while Muslim bakeries come away scott-free! We speak up, and we get slapped with fines and gag orders. Tyranny in the name of PC!!)
I don't watch SNL anymore. The humor went down hill. The satire has become boring and old, and too many people think it's actually real. (RE: Sarah Palin's "I can see Russia from my house" was NOT said by her, but by Tina Fey, and all the libs bought into it.!)
If you don't like something, avoid it. If it offends you, turn it off. Don't force your damned views of hatred upon us in the form of "Politically Correct Speech." It's just Censorship with a new label. And it stinks like yesterday's diapers.

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