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Sunday, December 6, 2015

A Proposal to deal with Islamic Terrorism

With the obvious rise in Islamic Terrorism and Terrorists pouring into every country in the world that doesn't recognize this type of restrictive government, and our President's determination to let it continue, aiding and abetting the terrorists at every turn, I wish to propose the following tactic in eliminating it.

It's nasty.  It's disrespectful.  But it uses their own beliefs against them -- this is what MUST be done, if we are to survive as a world!

ANY suicide bomber, member of ISIS or other terror organization who leaves behind his body in any manner MUST be treated this way, otherwise, we will have no chance.

CONFISCATE THE BODY.  Do NOT release it to the family.  This is absolutely essential.  These terrorists leave people behind to die -- they don't "clean up" the mess.

The next steps are so disgusting that I dare not enumerate them here.  But suffice it to say that it deals with treatment and placement of the body or any part that is left.

Suffice it to say that any embalming must be done in a specific way.  Any casket must contain one item of a very small list.  Body placement must be opposite of what is prescribed.  If no casket, then I recommend a nice funeral pyre.

If we do NOT use their own beliefs against them, we lose our only chance to survive.  When one must use evil to fight evil, we stand upon shaky ground.  It is quick plunge into the abyss if there is one wrong move.  We balance on the edge of a razor's blade.  One side is quick death.  The other is moral turpitude.  There's no high road, here.  And this is the problem.

A few uses of this method will show 'em we're serious.  Maybe even only one.  But it must be documented at EVERY STEP.  AND IT MUST BE PUBLIC!

As history has taught, if we fight fire with fire, we risk getting burned.  Unfortunately, there is no other choice...AS I SEE IT!

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