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Monday, April 15, 2013

Of Gosnell, Abortion, Liberals, and Hitler

Yesterday I made a comment (On Facebook) linking the left with Gosnell, who has been linked to killing babies who are aborted but still are born alive. He slit their throats, cut off heads, could be much more but this is the allegations that come out through the news. But I say the MSM has ignored this trial. They give tons of coverage to Casey Anthony, tons to OJ, tons to Sandusky. Why nothing to this doctor of death, this Kevorkian, this Josef Mengele? Really, why don't they?

This believed mass-murderer is not given one iota of coverage. WHY NOT?

The left have no qualms about linking every massacre which involves firearms to the NRA. None what so-ever.

Believe it or not, the Evil Hitler was a leftist. People who stick him on the right have forgotten one little thing: The meaning of "Nazi." That is National Socialist ...

Not all "liberals" support abortion. Not all support Gun Bans, not all support same-gender marriage.

What Hitler did (May he burn in Hell) was evil, just as Gosner's alleged crimes are evil.
Hitler had his hands in the murder of millions because they were Jewish. Or blind. Or deaf. Or had traces of Mongolism. Or were black.

"Just following orders." This reasoning has been used to attempt to justify every crime imaginable.

Post birth abortion is WRONG, just as pre-birth abortion is wrong.There may be times when it is medically necessary, but that still doesn't make it right.

You can bad-mouth me, call me a hater and bigot. You won't change my opinion on this topic. Morals are absolute.

Getting rid of "less desirable people" is what Hitler did. But WHO decides who is "Less desirable"? There are plenty of "idiot savants" out there. And who's deciding what is "less desirable" for the babies?

Perhaps expressing my opinion in the way I did was the pits. There are degrees of liberalism. But when it comes down to it, murder is murder. And too many leftists are playing "G_D". True, there are plenty of nut-zoid conservatives, too. I seem to see more of the "fringe" on the left side. Maybe I'm just too blind to see the right-wing loons.

Hitler was a demon in human form. And, in my own personal opinion, Hitler would have loved abortion. You don't have to agree. This IS America, after all. But when censorship takes hold, we become something less.

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