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Friday, February 1, 2013

It pays to be ALERT. Virus story

This morn, I got up and came to the computer.  Couldn't get anything to come up.  Started shutting stuff down, but it just wasn't I shut the computer off and rebooted.

Imagine my surprise to get a note "Your computer has been locked by the F..B.I."

In this case, FBI stands for FOOLS, BASTARDS and IDIOTS.  Couldn't reboot.  Shut down, trying to get to Windows through Safe Mode...Nope, just hit the reboot again.  Tried with Network and with Command prompt -- just rebooted.

They want 200 bucks to unlock the computer...what they claim is a "FINE".  What a crock.  If the FBI wanted, they'd be on my doorstep, not messing with a computer.

Fortunately, I had run across and article about this, indicating there was such a virus.  What's strange:  I had an anti-virus program running.  But for some reason, it didn't detect this "Ransomware" that had somehow gotten lodged on the computer.

I was decidedly fortunate:  I had a LINUX system here, as well, and I was able to download a file that allowed me to reboot and clean the system of the virus.

These guys are clever...but not clever enough to fool me.  IF I hadn't been searching the net earlier, they might have caught me.  But I have another way to access the net; I was able to learn a lot.

Take this as a warning and a lesson:  Keep a second system available AND keep a rescue disk available!

The Dingleberries are out in force -- the crooks are everywhere and they're trying to weasel their way into your wallet.  DON'T LET IT HAPPEN.

I had an up-to-date virus scanner.  Why did it not work?  That is puzzling.  And where did the file come from?  I've not been able to track that, either.

The lesson is PLAIN.  BE PREPARED.  Don't fall for anything.  Keep your mind sharp, keep informed!
This is not only the "BEST" you can do... you MUST do it -- to protect yourself from the scammers... AS I SEE IT!

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  1. Thanks broo
    Just got the message like yours
    And left bullshit