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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It must be nice to have a constant excuse!

The Morons are at it again.  Specifically, not just "morons", but Losing Morons.

Now, remember, and I will state for the record:  I have never seen the show "American Idol," Or is that better phrased as, "American, Idle"?

I know what the program is.  I know what it's supposed to be and what it's supposed to do -- possibly launching people to stardom.  But what of the "no-talents" who actually get on stage?  There are a LOT of those no-talent people who get a chance.  And it's unlikely that they make it past the first round or two.

Many, Many of these losers are Caucasian.  And many are not.  And those who are NOT are now accusing the TV program of being "racist."

Must be soooo nice to have a reason for failure.  Thing is, these guys who lose are obviously not as talented as someone else who does make it to the next week.  But they are now crying "Racist!" because they're not as talented as someone else.  Sometimes, you just got to wonder!

I can't help wondering what Sidney Portier would say if someone had beaten him out of the starring role in "To Sir, with Love."  If there were a remake, would they choose someone of color?  Would they choose be forced to pick someone with more talent?  Let's say Will Smith went up against...oh...say... Dan Povenmire? or shall we pick someone like... Who's a good Native American Actor? Let's use Russell Means.
Or what if They decide to do Porgy and Bess..The script calls for one type of person.  So, do you hear the Caucasians screaming racism because they don't get picked for the starring roll?

Look folks.  You people who've been eliminated may have lots of talent.  But someone was better than you on a particular day.  That doesn't make the judges any more racist than it makes someone with a German name a Nazi.  If 3 people took a test, and only the highest score qualified -- you got a 90, but someone got 91 and someone else got a 98, do you scream "UNFAIR" because you didn't pass the test?

Gimme a break!

The fact is, you weren't good enough.  If you're constantly flat when singing, can you reasonably expect to defeat someone with perfect pitch?

Stop screaming racism!  Work to better yourself.  When you're better than the next guy, you win...
If the Yankees defeat the Tigers, does that mean the Yankees are racist?  OMG, Get your head on.

Put the race card away.  Stop blaming your poor performance on racism.  Or just admit it:  Someone was better.  That's the TRUTH of the matter....AS I SEE IT!

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